A day without a smile is a day wasted

Morning folks missed parade again as no matter how many times I told myself to get up, my body just refused to listen, I think I need a kick start to get going today. Was I dreaming or did we all go for a night out with coughalot and sokrackers if not that was one hell of a dream I had, no wonder I did not want wake up, you ladies really are naughty, but I loved it.

I went to visit my doctor yesterday, I felt I should as he has not been well.

While I was there I said "Doctor I broke my arm in several places what should I do" He said "Well don't go to those places"

Yesterday I went to see my doctor there is nothing wrong with me I just wanted to stick my tongue out at someone.

Remember what the title say's x Fred :)

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  • Morning sweat heart. Just off to the beach to watch the surfers only 3 degrees but they seem to enjoy it! Brrrrrr

  • I liked that sweat heart comment, clever play on words lady make sure your wrapped up and don't get to excited now with all those fit men around lol. xx Fred :)

  • Owwww Its cold. I'm sitting in my car at the beach with a large steaming hot coffee watching these brave surfers. The look like seals bobbing in the sea. I don't quite understand the attraction myself. It is quite beautiful but sooooo cold - there is no way I'm getting out of my car until the sunshine warms the air. Take care Fred

  • Thanks pal same to you, hope you do not have to stay in there to long, just sip the coffee. xxx :)

  • I cant wait to get in here in the morning to smile. You are an early bird Sokrackers out allready.


  • Hi Cora

    I must admit I am an early bird - I suppose it comes with clean living, health diet and fitness regime.

    Or is it because I have to do the school run?

    Hmm tough call.

  • Morning Cora, agree Sokracker is an early bird, will have to clip her wings and tie her down abit but that's another story lol He He :)

  • Goooooood morning, that was comical, it's chilly here (East london) I need to get back in the routine of getting up earlier, problem is I've a new memory foam mattress and it is so comfortable I just love laying in. Hope everyone is ok, love this site x x x

  • Morning medow its overcast in my part of Devon, I have a memory mattress but I think its losing its memory and forgets to remind me to get up. xx :) Fred

  • Hiya I used to live in East London - Hackney. Where are you? x

  • Hyra cough, born into navarino road , london fields, moved out to stratford, then romford, now moving to kent, following family and grandkids, but you can take the girl out of Hackney but can't take Hackney out of the girl, was working in Hackney up till about 18 months ago, will always be a Hackney women, where did you live in Hackney cough, mind you it's very very swankey now. Hope your having a good day, I'm childminding granddaughter who has the raving hump at the moment x x x

  • Hi another Hackney girl here from queensbridge road

  • And another from Wilton Way jojo, imagine, we were all neighbours, now in East Kent. Miss Hackney like hell, never would have left except for lungs :(

    Cough, where were you?

  • Good morning Fred, lots of giggles and smiles this morning loved them. It is a bit overcast but lots of blue sky up there so here's hoping for some sun.

    polly xx

  • Hope your blue sky has got some sunshine for you polly, its trying very hard to brighten up, but at the moment not really hard enough. xxx Fred :)

  • Morning Fred didn't get to Arran yesterday as the ferries were cancelled. Better off at home in this weather hopefully be able to go when things improve . Take care and have a good day. X

  • Good thinking seeing you have a past at slipping and braking bits so the ferries did you a favour by canceling. Yes there is hopefully always a tomorrow. Stay safe and warm and dry. Fred xx :)

  • Do try and keep up Fred - it was a pub lunch not a night time riot :) Love the jokes. x

  • Lunch time night time its all the same if the company is right, so come on girls get the glad rags on and lets going. Whoo I am worn out just thinking about it. :) xx Fred

  • No worries Fred - you will have the time of your life :d xx

  • Oh no Coughalot, I thought it was an evening bash, so cross I missed it,you had all gone when I got there, I could tell from the state of the place, you had all had a good time. Next time I will be more careful to read the invitation properly, Veey best wishes. Bulpit

  • " FRED!!!!!!.. Hehehehe!!..Like it... .....Good Morning!! unlike you all i am a bit late again.."better late than never Hey!"well its another cold day again and tons rain on its way. i often wonder how i coped many years back... when i worked on the farms, and in kennels Gosh!! perish the thought...But! i did love it.so much fresh air and so much freedom Not as its done me much good in later life.. hey!! hehehehe.. Oh well that was then.. This is now. hoping your doing good Fred.. i am of to finish cooking my hot.."ouch"!!! Curry...So!! Fred!! ..have a lovely day and take care...Megan.xx...."

  • Megan your a star, I was going to say stay warm but if you are making what sounds like a really warming curry you are going to be a really hot lady but late this afternoon lol :) I am alright love just the usual complaints but we all got them so yes I am fine. Look after yourself and stay away from the rain. xxx Fred :)

  • :D :D :D :D :D :D loved them :D

  • :-D :-D :) :) XX

  • Hi Fred, we all had a good time last night didn't we and so glad you enjoyed it! Keep smiling . Lots of love and laughter xxxxx :)

  • As the song said Imagine all the people, yes we can all dream , but its good fun. xxx Fred :)

  • Morning Fred, once again lovely Funnies, as to getting up I know what a struggle that can be,it's a case of the mind being willing,but not telling the flesh, Best wishes. Bulpit

  • Hi there hope you are managing alright and the weather is dry there. :) Fred

  • He heeeee, morning Fred, great to have our daily smile and joke from you. Flipping tipping down here this morning...ewwww. :-D xxx

  • Morning Lyn it was dry for a moment here in my part of Devon but just starting to rain with your lovely gift from Wales, thanks love :) but not to bad just enough to lets us know your there. xxx:) Fred

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