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A Tempting Offer?

Every so often I get scam emails, usually referring to a 'remittance', and inviting me to open the attachment - supposedly a spreadsheet that would make all clear. I never do of course. But I've just received a particularly inventive one that I'd like to share for your amusement:

'From the Desk of Dr.Ibrahim Lamorde,

Head of Economic and Financial Crime Commission (E.F.C.C)

Email: (

Hello: Honorable Beneficiary,

This is to bring to your attention that the Federal Government of Nigeria establishes this Agency to fight corruption here in Nigeria. The present Government wants to fight corruption to redeem the image of this country at abroad to attract foreign investors here.we do not intend to waste our time on this payment exercise than to have your fully overdue payment with its accrued interest which came up to U$100,000000(Hundred Million Dollars) from the Federal Reserve to settle all foreigners who has been a victim of Scam/Fraud over here in Nigeria/London.

I am Dr.Ibrahim Lamorde Chairman Economic and Financial Crime Commission, a committee set up by the Federal Government of Nigeria under the able former President Alhaji Umaru Yar'Adua. The purpose of the committee among other is to investigate, verify and settle all foreigners/ contractors who have been a victim of Scam. Consequently, we received a directive from the office of the president, ordering the above office to settle you with a Compensation fee of $18.5million into your Bank account because you have been a victim of scam and fraud over here in Nigeria.

We wish to inform you that in our record here, you have fulfilled such conditions. But the reasons why your own fund has to be delayed is because, there is presently a counter claims on your funds by one Mr. Khan, a Pakistan American citizen who is presently trying to make us believe that you entered into an agreement with him, to help you in receiving your fund, in his bank account in China. So here comes the big question. Did you sign any Deed of Assignment in favor of Mr. Khan thereby making him the current beneficiary with the following account details: Account Name:Indo-China Group Ltd, A/C #: USD114-102-5567-8,Bank Name: Standard Chartered bank, 138-141 1st Floor, Edinburgh Tower, the Landmark, 15 Queens Road, Central Hong Kong, Swift Code: SCBL 11k111.

If you did not sign, nor authorize Mr. Khan to receive your payment on your behalf, kindly reconfirm to us, your genuine bank account details and full address, to avoid making payment to a wrong person, attempt to divert your payment to a new account without your knowledge may have been done by your local representative with the assistance of some Officials, whom most of them are presently under our custody and will face prosecution under section 35A sub section 1-2-4 of the criminal code of Nigeria/London, pending on when we finish with our investigation This office is glad to inform you that your payment shall be made as soon as this information needed from you is submitted, either by Telegraphic Transfer or (ATM CARD) This office supersedes every other department in the CBN; every other banks in Nigeria and correspondence bank abroad and is thus responsible for the final payment. The consequences of not heeding to this warning would be yours.T>

Although we have been able to come up with some good result about the people that have extorted money from people illegally and I wish to list them so that you will personally indicate them by writing back because we want to make you deliver your payment to you without any delay but we must surely deal and bring this names to book if only you will indicate correctly any of them. The names of those we have arrested are as follows:

1) Dr Paul Kofi

2) Henry Mark

3) Dr.Ray.Mcc.







9) Mr. Ernest Chukwudi Ebi

10) Agent John Edward

11) Mr. Eric William

Deputy Governor - Policy / Board Member

12) Mr. Tunde Lemo Deputy Governor - Financial Sector

Surveillance /

Board Member



14) Mrs. W. D. A. Mshelia

So we are waiting for you to write us and inform us if any of the above names have once contacted you in respect to your fund if yes don’t waste time to indicate it immediately. We apologize on behalf of the President and the good citizens of Nigeria/London for any delay and lost this must have caused you, and promise that such thing will not happen again. Considering the circumstances at hand, you are advice not to accept any fax or telephone calls that does not come from this office or office of the Director UNITY BANK NIGERIA PLC.

Best regards

Dr.Ibrahim Lamorde'

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That's lovely Stilltruckin. It's a shame not to send him the money - he's worked so hard. When you get your hundred million, can we all have a share? :-)


Tell him to take it out of the money there giveing you ha

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hi stilltruckin,

ive just been reading this, saying to myself what a corrupt world we now live in. This modern world is becoming so called, technically flawed that it is possible for someone to commit crime without leaving the seat their sitting on. although many folks would cotton on, there must be the odd poor soul who inadvertently falls into a trap, i say to myself how shocking this is.

then i read vashtis post of the early 1800,s where the muggers of the day, the famous highway robbers, were actually hung for their crime, some hung drawn and quartered for other crimes, while others were transported to far off lands [usually botany bay,] for lesser crimes, like poaching a rabbit for his starving family.

so it seems the world has always been corrupt, even going back further in time, terrible really isn't it,,,,

i think the words of the famous scottish poet, Robert Burns ring very true when he wrote ,,,,

"Mans inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn"

yes,theres no doubt about it, man is his own worst enemy. ,,, but lucky there's as many good people than bad ,,, ,

, jimmy


The world is ruled by greed and fear. Be strong. Never lie to yourself. Only way to survive . . .


aye your right there stilltruckin,,, and its getting worse , i'm an older man ,i've seen many changes through the years,,,,,and many of them are not for the best believe me,,


p.s Give Dr lamorde, my regards :D :D tell him im one of them on his list who was arrested ,,, jimmy :)

[only kidding s/truckin :D ]

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Hi ST,glad you got my email,be a good chap and send your remittance quickly as I,m currently financially embraced.yoy,es sincerely FormerB. :D


Hilarious, I wonder if he had any replies.

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I replied to one once and asked them to bring it to me, had quite a nice chat for a fee days hopefully they were not bothering someone else whilst they were conversing with me ;)


That's a good one! I wonder how many people it fools? Just enough to make it worth while I guess. x


I think they think we are not educated enough to know a scam,probably they think we have the same mentalility as them, I don't think so ,


The best way to deal with this and stop it , is to "Put a spanner " in their works ! - I did recently to something rather similar - I sent them a load of trashy figures of my " Bank Account ", EVEN A FICTICIOUS BANK ! etc etc - they swallowed the lot !, - it was fun reading the utter confusion in their reply to me - oh what fun ! - I think they got the message , never heard a word since ! ........... Its called "FIGHTING FIRE WITH FIRE" , and it works !...


The interesting thing is there were no spelling mistakes which is normal as they will pursue those that reply as they know they have not noticed and are more vulnerable to the scam.

But if the Internet has provided a particularly efficient way to carry out advance-fee scamming, the underlying con is a lot older than most Web users realize. Advance-fee fraud is actually a modern version of the “Spanish Prisoner” con, variations of which have been documented back to the French Revolution. A look back at the con suggests that far from being a testament to the risks of the Internet, it’s a window into much deeper human impulses and fears. The scam tends to arise wherever we assume corruption and confusion are greatest, and its long and twisting story offers a kind of negative portrait of world history—the places over the last few centuries where those fears have most firmly taken root.


Hi stilltruckin, I do wonder how many get taken in by such scams? They are getting too clever by half. xx


Yeah, well, as soon as I saw Nigeria, I understood! No thanks, MIc


I like the sound of MR CUPPA ACOKA - have to admit it made me laugh more than the usual scams; hope you've made haste to fulfil the request, it's not going to be there forever!


It certainly is a new twist on the whole scam - but a scam is a scam is a scam - and they say they only work because people are greedy - have never understood myself how anyone could fall for them but very sorry that some poor people do or I guess if very elderly get confused and think they are official requests - all very sad. xx


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