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" WOW!!..I Dont know where to start or just how to say... THANK YOU! ..Thanking you all for your Wonderful Card's..Videos...and most of all....Thank you for all the love and best Wishes, that every one of you sent to me.... it really Brought tears to my eyes while i was reading all your wonderful words of love, and caring support..... Your all so kind, so thoughtful......And i did have a lovely Birthday, it was a quiet One. But the best gift of all was feeling that.. I could at last,!.. breath so much easier today......So what better gift is there than that....I am sorry i didn't write to you all separately... But!. i would been here all day answering your wonderful posts:)... Gosh!! and there was so many..thanking you all again. And Please take good care, keep warm...( Big Hugs.... ) ..... PS....THE PICTURE REMINDS ME OF MY BETTER DAYS.....And whats to Come!!!...Megan xxx "

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Better days ahead Megan. Lots of love to you. Carole xxxx :)

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megannell in reply to sassy59

" Yes..Carole...Better Day's, and hoping your doing okay too.. take care and keep warm as the nights still are Brrr.....Megan.xx "

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Getting over a nasty virus bug and on the mend thank goodness. Pete taking longer which is to be expected. On the whole, doing ok thanks. xxx

Hows that cold thing been

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megannell in reply to england

" Awe its getting a lot better now Adam. Thank you for asking... hoping that your doing okay now too. take care.. Yes...Megan.x"

Definitely what's to come lass - so glad you had a lovely birthday xxxxxx

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" Thank you so much Eye's..Yes!! i did have a lovely day..:).. Megan xx"

Because you are worth it! Keep getting well. Love Sara x

Awe Sara, What a beautiful words you've written. ..Thanking you so much,hehehe! Im trying to be ever so clever here Sara!...for my birthday i treated myself and bought myself samsung galaxytab. And now i can answer my mail n posts anywhere now..not as I'm that far from my computer though.

Hahaha...I'm only on my sofa . hehehe got to start somewhere. .have a lovely evening and keep safe n warm..Megan.xx "

Hi Megan it's good to hear you had a good birthday. May you have many more. I did see your birthday post but was too upset about John to post any more that day. xx

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"Thank you cough for your lovely wishes for me. and yes it was a good day...Megan..x.."

Love to you Megan glad you had a good birthday x

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megannell in reply to bikergrove

" Thank you too biker..yes!! was a good day. even the weather was good i was able to Be out in my garden with the dogs.....Today though....well!!! lets just say..a day indoor's.. hoping all is good for you...Megan."

Yeah, have faith in what's coming. enjoy the now too, because now cannot be bad! Mic

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