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First Spirometer Test

I'm going for a Spirometer Test in 2 weeks time. My GP gave me something to blow into in the surgery and said the number was 200 which is only half of what it should be. I've had a dry cough since new year which eventually changed to a phlemie cough and eventually flu-like symptoms. I was sent for chest x-ray as I've had this kind of thing before 3 years ago. Chest x-ray came back clear but showing the beginnings of COPD. I have osteoporosis and take medications for that so was concerned when doc gave me a steroid inhaler. I'm still coughing but phlem is decreasing although VERY slowly. Could this be temporary? I'm concerned about my travel insurance premiums!

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Hi daisynook,

If it was one hard blow, what you blew into was probably a peak flow meter which is used to measure asthma. 200 is low so its good you're being sent for a spirometry test. I'd advise asking for a copy of the results and you can call the BLF helpline who will help explain it all to you.

If your copd is mild, that's good as you can manage it with diet and exercise. Im assuming you are breathless if you've been given a steroid inhaler. Being local these are less absorbed than taking oral steroids so its less of a problem for osteoporosis.

If it definitely is copd however mild, you do need to declare it as a long term condition, as if you were to get ill abroad, not having declared it would invalidate the insurance.

People here can probably tell you the cheaper insurance companies. All these issues you can discuss with the BLF: 03000 030 555.

Good luck with the spirometry result, come back and let us know how it went. :)

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Thanks for your reply 02Trees. Yes it was a hard blow metre. Thanks for your advice and I will let you know what happens.


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