I've been off work for two months now being out of breath, coughing the green gunk and blood since October and had a consolidation on my chest x-ray. A sputum test is 'satisfactory' and now my CT scan back today is also 'satisfactory'. What does that mean? I have tried to get an appointment with the doctor and the receptionist tells me there is nothing for the next two weeks. If I phone on Friday they might be able to get me in the following week. I have said I either need a sick note or a fit note and was told that they can backdate it. I can't walk far without getting out of breath, I can't sleep, and I have such embarrassing coughing fits. I am glad there is nothing that they are worried about, but this is obviously not NOTHING!

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Yer some doctor places are no good like mine be on hold for ages then sorry all taken ring in morning or come round at sixpm wait round you mite be seen

Hi, really sorry you're in this boat. Totally understand as I've been there.

Do you smoke? If so I'd try to give it up it might help.

Obviously something is not right. Saying satisfactory isn't enough.

One good thing is that you've had a ct scan which should clearly show what's going on be it emphysema or whatever. Again, satisfactory is not enough.

With a diagnosis and the right medication for you will help you enormously.

The best quick thing to do is ring the BLF helpline asap 03000030555 9 - 5pm Mon-Fri. Cost of a local call in the UK.

They have experts on hand to talk to And are fantastic. They can also give guidance on what to demand from your medics. (If I were you I'd be changing my GP pdq).

Make that call.

Hi, no I have never smoked, so at least I know it's not that. I will try phoning.

The phone line doesn't seem to work so I have had to email.

That's weird, perhaps they've stopped that number. Hopefully if you gave your number they'll call you back tomorrow.

With lungs it can be one of many different things.

My gp thought I had aspergillosis or bronchiectasis, however, luckily I have niether. Now though with the right meds I'm loads better.

You could set to and rebuild your immune system as I did. Effervesant Vit c and zinc from Boots for starters. Acidophillus if you been on antibiotics a lot, capsules from Holland and Barrett.

The phone doesn't work at all. I just got an unrecognised number message. Thanks for the suggestions about what to try.

Tell the receptionist you have COPD or whatever you have and they HAVE to give you any emergency appointment.

Hi that phone number was working ok today as I was on the phone to them. I can re-iterate the fact the nurses are fantastic too. Phone ASAP for some very valuable advice. x

I will seconded that mamjam. I found them brilliant.

No it's not nothing. Shortness of breath after a chest infection and a cough that goes on needs to be seen. I think you need lung function tests to diagnose what it is and whether you need inhalers and steroids. You also need to ask to have your SATS ascessed. Insist you get an appointment and write or e-mail your doctors and giving the symptoms. This sounds like a case of your receptionist being an idiot. Write/e-mail the practise manager.

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