Royal Brompton

Pete finally has his Royal Brompton appointment to see a cardio sarc specialist on 3rd March. I just hope they don't cancel it! Now to try and work out the best way of getting him up there and the little problem of getting him well enough to go. Hopefully, after all this faffing around he may finally get his back sorted. Watch this space!

Stay well all. xxxx

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  • brilliant news re the appointment. Wishing you both all the very best. Kindest thoughtsxxx

  • Thanks jenns. Wishing you well too. xxxxx

  • That's always a problem when the hosp is some way away. My consultant when first sorting me out wanted me to go there. I live in Kent and said no. So all tests were done and emailed across to them to make a diagnose. They came back with bronchiolitis.

    My hosp understood my reasons for not going and did everything at my hosp to make life easier for me. True Brompton might be better in some ways. At my last check up he asked to see me in six weeks instead of six months with all tests redone.

    Here l am into my third week and l have the tests being done today and tomorrow including ct scan. Could not ask for better treatment.

    Fingers crossed ur able to keep that appointment. Thinking of u.


  • Thanks Pam for your kind wishes. Pete has been seen by the lung side of the Brompton for some years now but has not been for 2 because of his back. He now has to see a specialist on the heart side because of the sarcoidosis being found in his heart so not much option really. He does get great treatment at our local hospital too which is a good thing.

    Good luck to you and wishing you well with your tests and scan. Take care xxxx

  • Hooray...smashing news. Wishing you all the very best. I hope Pete feels a little better when it's time to go. xxx

  • Oh he will Lyn and thank you so much. It is a relief I must say. xxxx

  • Hi Sassy,do you have a blue badge?They have special book able blue badge parking spaces,you book 2 weeks before you go.I go by mini cab the drive is just too much even though it can take me half an hour to get into the damn cab.Last time was awful on way out the cab parked in a very busy part of the street which made me panic even more ,took ages to calm my breathing down and I could,nt even tell him to move somewhere better.Best of luck! D.

  • Thanks for that Farmer D and yes Pete does have a blue badge so I will look into it. London is so busy and not great for driving but our daughter would happily take us. Did not know you could book so bless you for that info. xxxx

  • Great news Sassy. That's a good tip from FarmerD about the parking. Wish I'd known that when we were visiting my nephew when he had his transplant a couple of years ago.

    Fingers tightly crossed for Pete. Take care honey.

    Sara xx

  • Thanks Sara and keeping everything crossed as only 3 weeks tomorrow when we go to London so Pete just has to be better. xxxx

  • Good to hear Sassy I am sure you will sort something out re transport speak with age concern maybe.

    xxFred :)

  • Another good idea - thank you Fred. This site is full of such wonderful people and really make me feel so lucky to be part of it all. I will speak with Pete and see what we can come up with. xxxxx

  • That's brilliant news Sassy. Very good luck with getting there xxxx

  • Cheers peege. Thanks for that. xxxx

  • That is good news...I'm so pleased to hear Pete has an appointment...he has just about three weeks to get well enough!

  • I know vashti, 3 weeks tomorrow so really staying positive now and determined to get Pete well. You take care. xxx

  • Have you thought about train/taxi with passenger assistance? We do this from Cornwall to RBH & book their accommodation overnight.It works very well for us.

  • Another great option that I can look into. Thanks adb11.

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