3 Wishes

Good day everyone,

Sorry so many of you aren't feeling well.

Thought I would lighten things up a bit.

If you could have 3 wishes (can't wish for more wishes) What would you wish for?

Smiling Fred says someones wishes are going to come true!. Could be you Lyn.I think probably cough. Maybe our buddy England. Megan surely deserves some good.

Have a good day everyone

Rubyxx :-)

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Ooo, that's a tricky one. First, I'd wish for all of us here to be made well again; then an end to animal and human suffering; last but not least to see all my loved ones again (just maybe that'll come later!) :)

Just to throw another thing into the mix...'Daydreams' - to sing and dance, to ride horses again, travel

(cos I never really had an opportunity) and swim with dolphins. And then...meet my soulmate lol :D

Now how about you Ruby? xxx

I like your answer Lovelight. Its really good! You think fast on your feet! I'm still thinking on it. After we get our answers we'll pick who should be most deserving. Sounds good right?

Rubyxx :-)

How about we all deserve and have one of our wishes come true - :)


I go with you love light I bet good money on what all of us in this community would wish for. I'd drink to that ( if I had one to hand)

Sounds good :-)

Too many wishes to ask for, so will just ask for one. That none of my children or grandchildren ever get any of my health problems. I want them to stay healthy and happy and if possible, wealthy. Oh, just realised, that's actually 3 wishes isn't it. :-)

Lovely idea Ruby. Think we'd all pick good health for our first wish!

And the rest, well I'd have a big party for all our members on this site plus BLF, etc. Still thinking about the 3rd wish.

However, for my part I think it would be wrong to nominate people even for imaginary wishes. Everybody on the site has huge health issues for the most part, and there are many reasons for not being able to contribute a lot, not least the mother with small children who just hasn't got time, or some who is very ill, etc., etc.

Sara xx

Great idea we can all meet and be healthy at the time.Sounds like a fun idea!

Your right on not picking a winner. I met it in a good way. But, we can all enjoy the wishes together. :-) :-)

Too true Ruby! x

that there is a heaven for all gods creatures - full of birds and squirrels, hedgehogs, badgers etc etc

I second that! - heaven would not be so heavenly without all of the above.

Vashit to publish book of memories. 2. If not for everyone yo have good health the ability to be able to find comfort and peace. 3. To have more good news than bad. :)

Oh Snappy...you are such a sweetheart! I'd like for many of us to not feel guilty about smoking...we didn't know at the time...and for people to stop and think before they speak or write...

OK. Wish 1) A peaceful and healthy world 2) Enough money to live a comfortable life (not too much though) 3) Free creme eggs for everyone for life xxx

Not a sweetheart, I lose myself in your stories of days of old and you wit with more modern/personal dilemmas. One of my dreams isto have a re home a couple of donkeys, a few goats and chickens. I want old times with all today's mod cons:)

It would have to be the three old chestnuts........

Health....wealth...and happiness.

Each covers a whole range of situations and wants & likes.


Hi ruby, my 1st wish would be for more than 3 wishes lol, then all my family and friends ( this includes my HU family ) to be healthy and happy, then as I'm sadistic towards certain people, ( rapists, pedophiles, abusers to people and animals ) they suffer greatly in this life, don't care about the next life, I'd like justice served on them now, and all those that they have hurt already be repaired and never remember any of it. Oh if only, but nice thought though. Xx sonia xx

Hi Sonia,

I gotta say I love your wishes! I so hate cruelty to children and animals. I can be feeling pretty sadistic towards them myself.

I'm still thinking on my wishes. But, can't do better than you.

By the way , dont you have the alpha-1 copd? Correct me if I'm wrong. Good read for you--

An alpha1 copd love story By

Sally Everett. Got it on Amazon.

Take care

Rubyxx :-) :-)

Hi ruby, yes I'm an alpha 1 ZZ, I'll have a look at it, was it a good read then ?? Xx Sonia xx

" And three wishes you ask For Ruby!!!....well...let me think....

Think my first wish would be......To Win the Lottery..

Think my second wish would be....To Win The European Lottery.

Think my third wish would be ....To give it all to the BLF.. And find a cure for US!!! all...Yeah!!!!

Thems my three wishes Ruby.....hoping your doing okay...Megan."

Yeah Megan you go girl.! You would take care of everything and everybody all at once. What a good feeling that would be!



I would wish to have my Husband back and of course good health to everyone on this site. Then I'd like to win the lottery so I could help people less fortunate. :-D

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