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Mullein tea

Well we have had the discussion about Manuka Honey and its benifits, so I thought I would start one on Mullien tea.

After reading brilliant reviews on this herb regarding the benefits for lung problems I decided to purchase some, from Amazon a 1 kilo bag which is huge cost about £11, with a best before date of two years, I think I have got enough to last that long.

I put two teaspoons in three quarters of a cup of boiling water and leave for twenty minutes, then I put a piece of kitchen roll in a sieve and strain into a jug, squeeze the kitchen roll to get out all the goodness, then dispense into a clean cup.

I have only been using for two days, so can't say for sure if it works but did wake this morning and had no cough, they say three cups a day and about six weeks to get the full benefits, I will of course report back from time to time.

Has anyone else been using this if so please post your findings


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Hi Peter,

It actually sounds like a good thing for us all to do. I would wonder what Stilltruckin thinks about it. She always digs up the best info on everything! I'm sure she'll be along

shortly. What stage of copd are you in? Do you have alot of congestion? If not you might not notice a difference. You'll let us know how you make out? Are you taking the vitamin A?

Rubyxx ?☺


Thank you for replying to my post, I supose my emphasema is mild ,but I also have brocholasis

The congestion is so hard to bring up I gave myself a hernia, which is due to be operating on this Thursday the 5 February,

I have been told for two weeks after I must be carefull when I cough or strain as this could result in the stitches bursting and the hernia returning. This is why I have started the Mullien tea.

I don't take vitamin A should I. Apologies for any spelling mistakes

Peter x


Hi Peter

If my memory serves me right there are a few fans of this tea on the site. I hope they share their views on their experiences.

I do like to read people's views on 'new' products or new research so please let us know how you get on.

I measured my O2 yesterday and reached 99%! WOWee - I'm not on O2 or anything just a good session at the gym!

I will follow your post with interest


Thanks for replying to my Post I to have good oxygen levels , mainly due to walking with my dog for 90 minutes every morning x


A Modern Herbal|Mullein:


'The extensive historical use of mullein has inspired scientists to investigate the plant further. To date, a number of the ancient claims have actually proved to be true.

Modern day European complimentary medicine frequently hails mullein flower oil as a remedy for earache. Trials have shown a statistically significant improvement in ear pain associated with acute Otitis Media when treated with the infusion. The proven anti-inflammatory action of the constituent verbascoside is the likely cause for this successful treatment though antimicrobial agents may also play a part. Extracts of the mullein leaf have also been shown in laboratory studies to possess antitumour, antiviral, antifungal, and—most interestingly for the purpose of this paper—antibacterial properties. Turker and Camper showed aqueous Mullein leaf extracts to be effective against gram positive and gram negative microorganisms, with the activity against Klebsiella pneumoniae rivalling that of the Erythromycin control. To date, activity against Mycobacterium species has not been determined.'


Thank you for that most interesting, but having been dragged up in the east end of London some 75 years ago , it went straight over my head, so is it good for lungs or not, I say this with jest and I do appreciate your reply Peter x


Great bit of information Stilltrucking, especially about its antibacterial properties, thanks for this research! Hugs huff x


This does sound like it would be good for me, I think I am going to give it a go but what does it taste like Peter? Thank you for posting! Hugs huff xxx


Taste is not to unpleasant musky taste very much like a lot of herbal teas

Peter😀 x


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