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Hi friends,

My GP phoned me this morning to tell me that at the end of December I sent my sputum for testing. Immediately, th microbiologist diagnosed Moraxella catharalis for which Clarithromycin would deal with it. Now another real bother has appeared. The test for mycobacterium has come through, I have M. gordonae which I had last year in March too.

My GP said she would communicate this to my chest consultant. Next week, I shall try to put a sputum for testing to see if it is still there. That probably means I shall be on Clarithromycin and Rifampicin for the rest of my days. Ooooh! Not fun!

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Oh dear Mic, your not having much luck with infections. You must be a tough guy because you still manage to keep so fit and busy and unaware of the bugs lurking in your lungs.

And, at least the medication is going to make you feel better than you do now and that's a good thing. Your a marvel. xx


casper99, It bothers me though, just the thought of having this medicine which colours my pee yellow for ever!

Of course, I don't want to die, so the pee colour is secondary!

I do what I can to stay strong.

We will get a battering with the North wind here in Kent. That's not going to help a lot!

Back to the flute! Thanks Casper


Flibby, Yes, I ake acidophilus in capsules every morning. I also take Vit D3 and C + zinc to support the immune system and fish oil. All this has been gleaned here. I even think that you touched on some of these.

Pray for the beastie to be frightened! cheers, Mic


Oh heck Mic that's a blow. So sorry you have to be on the meds. long term but pleased you have not been more poorly that's down to your determination positive attitude and keeping fit. Well done.

Will have a chat with the bugs and see if I can scare them off Best wishes Mic -Nan


Nanaeal, Thank you, My GP has alerted my consultant. he has asked for 3 sputum sample staged on a few days apart. he wants to know if this is just a contaminant, something in the air or an infection. Let's hope and pray. thanks, Mic


We certainly will. I will light a candle for you.


Hi I Mic

sorry to hear of these results. Were you unaware of these bugs or did you feel ill and that is why you put in the sputum tests? I'm not encouraged by my gp to submit samples - only if I am still ill after a course of abs. Of course we are not all in the same state of health so probably can't generalise. You work hard at keeping as fit as you can, that must act in your favour. all the best, keep in touch, Iris x


Lyd12, Your GP isn't very intuitive as a sputum samples shows what bug you have.

I put my sample in at the end of December when I had an infection then. Immediately they saw moraxella for which I took Clarithromycin. But the mycobacterium takes a longer time to be cultivated in the Petri dish ( about 4 weeks). So this is why my GP phoned me yesterday, because the result had just come through now.

At the time I was aware and ill. I had mycobacterium before. It took 2 and 1/2 years to eradicate. Now the consultant wants to see whether it a contaminant, i.e. something that had this bug on it (food, object, whatever) of it is is an infection I have. I don't feel ill now, so I don't think I have an infection.

I have to take 3 samples during the week. I'll just wait for the result. Thank you for your concern


Oh Mic so sorry to hear this news. You work so hard to keep fit and then another problem arises. Let's hope and pray that those nasty bugs have been cleared away and that you can get on with the fun and enjoyment your flute playing brings you. How are you progressing, ready for the Royal Albert Hall yet? Do you have a tutor to help or maybe you are able to follow an instruction manual. I do admire you as I know the first hurdle with a flute is just to get a sound from it. I think maybe I would o foe the clarinet but don't know if that would be ad beneficial. Still here's to dreaming. All my best wishes barnowl


If it is not one thing it is something else to kick you in the teeth! I hope you get it sorted soon. Live with the Yellow pee. At least you can flush that away. One thing, they have pinpointed what it is! Onwards and upwards

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Thanks offcut. I looked at the Alexander Technique. They also say push you head forward and up. I do this, but it doesn't stay up there! Slouching in good style in front of the PC! Thanks, Mic


Oh dear, I hope you don't like a tipple, you really can't mix alcohol with this drug

Clarithromycin, it makes you very sick Sorry I had to have it for ten days and was off the pop for twelve days I soooo missed my glass of Red in the evening. If you do enjoy a tipple the plus side, you know it's a ten day treatment normally, also a good drug kills the bugs off then you feel much better.


Flibby and June, you can actually stop the argument because I rarely indulge in a glass of sherry. I frankly don't like alcohol too much (My father had been an alcoholic with him having become a bully through it. So I shrink in front of that sort of side effect).Mic


I'm grateful to my wife after 40 years of suffering teh psychological consequences of this. Brigid, my wife, told me to challenge what my father had told me ("You are an idiot at maths) by taking a alevel maths. I did and enjoyed it very much! and proved him wrong!

I've been to a counsellor recently. she rooted out this feeling in me. The result of the session is a poster I created saying, Don't grovel stand up for yourself! Now I do this and it works!

Regards, Mic


I agree with you. I went once to report my dad to the poice. Gosh, the consequences were so bad. He told me, next time I would be adopted by horrible strangers and I would never see my mum again! :-(

I;m glad my mum condoned with me to find a teaching post in Birkenhead. This was far enough from him! Even when I got my university degree, he just humphed. Once more, I felt like an idiot!

Thanks for reading this, not pleasant! I feel much happier now!


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