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Evening everyone.

Just thought I would pass on information on my new vacuum cleaner, bagless, cordless Vax light as a feather and brilliant. You charge the battery after every use and it's very quick, it's supposed to last roughly 15 minutes but it's not run out on us yet. We got ours from the Vax site on sale at the moment and the best bit is you get a free steam floor cleaner worth £90. I was so sick of my really heavy cleaner this one is so easy.

Kim xxxx

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How noisy is it please? I bought a Black and Decker Dustbuster Flexi 18v Lithium. It similarly is very light weight. Charges in very little time. Runs for the same sort of time and picks up fabulously. Unfortunately it runs at such a high speed that the noise is intolerable for my wife's tinnitus. So it can only ever get used when she is not around.

However I must say that my Carers and I think that it is fantastic. I bought it from Amazon.

I cant say I've taken much notice of the noise, but I will check it out and get back to you. I don't think it's that noisy.

Kim xx


I've had a check I don't think it's that noisy, but maybe the Vax customer service could give you more details as the website doesn't say.

Kim xx

Oh thank you Kim. As I say it is just the high pitch of the Dustbuster motor is painful for Ann's tinnitus. Nobody else is bothered, but Ann feels yet more helpless in not being able to clean up after the things I spill. These new hand-held high power machines are fantastic aren't they. I just wish that I could reach the ground to use it myself.

Hi Kim, i can beat that, i have a lovely lady called Debbie who vacuums etc! Xx

Yeah I have a lady that does, but between visits the husband can oblige.

Kim xx

That's good, my hubby does'nt know where mine is, or so he says, but he is a wonderful help with some things. Love Kin Xx

Hi Kimmy

I think its great to hear feedback on purchases that could help us - would you post a link to where you bought it from? And which model it was.

I had a heavy vacuum but found it too difficult to use - so dust builds up and then condition gets worse so I moved to a lighter one which doesn't pick up as well so I would like to try something like this

Thanks again

Sounds brilliant, I live in a dusty house, two stoves=bad emph' ;)

Kim, I got a Vax steam cleaner too. When they did my chimney, despite putting the protective cloth over the carpet, when the people went, my carpet was left with soot stain that looked horrible. I took some vinegar and wiped the stains. Then I poured a bit of vinegar in the water of the steamer. It removed the stains. I was so happy. There are still some slight marks, but the main is gone. It's true that the steamer is light and easy to use, and efficient.

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