Hi all got my letter from the hospital from when I was admitted just before Xmas it's saying lots of think I don't understand it say I am showing evidence of progressive small vessel disease in context of her anticardiolipin antibodies they recommend assessment of baseline cognitive function in form of addedbrook,s and it's sayingmy basilar artery and the vertebral arteries are small compared to my middle cerebral arteries and the carotids bilaterally and wonder if any evidence of chronic thrombosis. She is mide full of the fact that diffusion weighted images were normal that's all the letter just to ask as any one of you had blood in there poo I had for about 2 weeks and now all my nails are yellow on both hands sorry to go on I am going to go to the doctors when I can x

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  • wow ,thats complicated , best ask your doc when you see him/her

  • Yes Iv looked on internet but still confused lol x

  • No wonder you are confused - I am really confused! Good idea to go and see you doctor - Good luck xxx

  • Dear Lesley, how are you supposed to make head or tail out of that! I think I would take the letter down to the doctors and ask them to explain it so you can understand! At least you had a copy which is more than you get in my neck of the woods, so glad you are getting the blood in poo checked out, very important that you do! All the very best, huff xxxx

  • Good luck sorting that lot out Lesley and do see your doctor very soon to get everything checked out. He/she should be able to put you straight on some things at least. You take care. xxxx

  • Hi thanks the OT been to day she explain the letter to me now so feel a bit better and she can do some of the test for me she sed not to be too trouble about the blood cos it's bee ok we talk about it but to still go see them about my finger nails been yellow and to get my arm sorted cos I can not move it been like it since I had my flu jab wich is about 5 mouths now will let u know how I go on with my test she told me it's going to be slow but will try get me feeling better and not in as much pain xxx

  • healthunlocked.com/hughes-s... Might be the best place to put this?

  • Thanks the OT told me about the letter and I am at the doctors on Tuesday miring so see wot they have to say as well x

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