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Celebrities & Lung Disease

Celebrities & Lung Disease

Since i have been member of the British Lung Foundation i have noticed not many celebrites dont really talk about lung diease

Yet it cant be just the public suffer from it .. can it

Its not like its taboo subject or you have the plauge.

Given a lot of celebrities are involed in TV music industry and stage equicmeant sets sound booths was insolated with ASBESTOS you would think a lot more suffers would open up.

In stead of suffering forms of lung disease in silence.

Take Michael Jackson i was shocked to find out he had totally bushed lungs dieased from inflamation and its associated lung scaring from a autoimmunity disease such as lupus

But i was more shocked to find out he was hooked on sedatives that is a defo no no with lung disease as it slows your resporty rate down thus organs dont get oxygen they need given ya dieased lungs

Obv i know how easy it can be after my own doc give me valium .. what can a say i to did a oliver and run back to my gp for more unawre of dangers.

But dont be fooled thinking its just valium or its ilks that can just do for you as a simple bottle of cough lictus can do for you

Take whitney huston a simple bottle of cough lictus stoped her coughing reflex and turned a simple flu into pneumonia

Is all very sad all this celebrity lung disease suffering that goes on in silance

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Yes, it's very said indeed. I know the film star Jerry Lewis had Pulmonary Fibrosis. Not sure if he underwent a lung transplant or not. Nothing has been mentioned about it.

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Good post.

I think the show industry is tough enough for able bodied so any weakness to get out to the public knowledge would impact on their careers?

I know in my later working days when I explained some of my heart and lung problems, I felt I then needed to wear a bell around my neck!

Be Well

your 100pc spot on there offcut.

i hasten to add, some, not all, take "substances" illegal made legal to them ??

the one i felt sorry for was roy castle , he was a good living, fit, very talented man , but just goes to show what even constant second hand smoke can do,


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There have been a few showbuisness personalities that have spoken and even led campaigns...Roy Castle being the first I can remember followed up by his wife and children. Most recent has been Vera Duckworth...she spent quite a lot of time in later years speaking about lack of information etc. BLF will tell you the public voices behind them. One, of the shelf medicine that nearly killed me was Vicks Sinus spray....although it clears your sinuses it encourages your body to store liquids any where in the body....999, blues and two's and several days in hospital for that, thanks Vick.

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A very interesting post Daz and certainly something to think about. The celebrities should be coming clean about their problems thus maybe helping others. Nobody should suffer in silence. Thanks for that thought provoking message. You take care. xxx

Maybe they do look in on the BLF Daz but noone's a 'celebrity' on a site like this we're all in the same boat.

Phil Everly of the Everly Brothers had COPD when he died last year.

phil everly may have had copd but copd didn't kill him . copd dos'nt kill anyone all it is is health condition.

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I agree with Offcut Daz. Any signs of weakness in show biz will have wide reaching effects on careers. Have to say I for years did not tell anyone I had copd and until I got to the later stages still had only told immediate family and close friends. Most people didn't know as I had become adept at covering up and avoided situations where I couldn't hide it. Now of course the cannula, the scooter and the walker gives the game away.

Different people react in different ways. Like Offcut I had a bell around my neck. I still find that even family, except for immediate, can be uncomfortable around me and are unsure of what to say. I could fill pages on this topic but won't bore you anymore. It would be good if affected celebs did tell the world but I doubt they will. COPD is not popular!

You are indeed correct regarding any sedative medicines and the effects on the lungs yet you rarely hear it mentioned when copd advice is given. Think this is wrong and could be dangerous.

Great post Daz. x

Leonard Nimoy has recently stated he has COPD. Here's a link to an interview with Piers Morgan and his views on smoking.

Judith Durham, one of my favourite singers, has had bronchiectasis since she was 4 after contracting measles.

In 1967.

In 2009

In 2012. ( Nearly 70 years old then )

What a treat Puff, wonderful to listen to Judith Durham! Wonderful, Regards Bulpit

Sorry about that bit of self indulgence ! :)

:D :D no need to apologies :D

loved the seekers puff, and the lovely Judith Durham,,, BRILLIANT

jimmy xxx :)

It would take a few of the younger celebrities to admit they have COPD for it to have an impact on the younger generation.

My son read about Richard Briars having it and he said ("Well, he had a good innings.) If they're old, it just doesn't sink in to young ones. It wouldn't have stopped me smoking either when I was young. But, if they had it and were young......

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