Would you Adam and Eve it Pip?

Would you Adam and Eve it Pip?

I got a letter from the DWP today only 10 days after my PIP consultation.I got the whole caboodle,enhanced mobility and enhanced care.So all down to the pup for us Healthunlockers.It,s backdated from April so that should pay for my bathroom conversion.I,m off the the BROMPTON in 6 hours,hope they,re going to tell me I,ll still be around to collect the Mini Cooper I have my eye on.I learned to drive in a Mini many moons ago when they were about 1/4 the size they are now so fingers crossed I get to enjoy the irony.Well better get to bed and try to get some sleep,just wanted to share my good news.Night ,night D. :d

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That's great FarmerD and I am so pleased for you. It must be due to having a lucky black cat :) x

Thanks Cough,I never thought of Dizzle being lucky ,he keeps sticking his sharp claws into the soles of my feet when I,m in bed,little stinker! But maybe you,re right lol.Cheers D. :D

Congrats on your good news! You deserve it.

What a beautiful cat. I love black cats. But then again I love all cats. I only have 10!

Thanks Ruby, 10 cats wow that,s a lot of scratches lol.D. :D

very well done you I love it when someone gets what they deserve. Matt

Hi framerD that's great news .. Great pic ;) and am sure y'all be around for many many moons tearing up the asphalt

All the best an don't get to excited at bromton save it for ya mini

Thanks Denis,I want at least 10 years for all the bother I went to lol.D. :D

Brill news farmerD, want pics of u in ur new mini, I got my pip too, already ordered my new car , I'm off to the QE hospital aswel today, we can exchange outcomes later. Xx Sonia xx

So pleased for you x

Thanks Biker! D.

Good for you, yes go for the mini. just got a countryman it's just a brilliant car a few add ons was automatic, helps with arm pain cruise control helps me to stretch the legs, but most of all was the seat its a semi bucket seat this keeps my back straight and less likely to start hurting on journeys being short or long.

Thanks for the heads up Dave! D. :D

That's brilliant! Now go and enjoy the mini and have some body jets in your bathroom.

Thank you SS! D. :D

That's brilliant news and what a gorgeous cat :-D x

Thank you Joylyn,yeh he,s a good looking chap. D. :D

Well done farmer you derserved it

Thanks Jimmy.D.

So pleased for you. May your good fortune continue at Royal Brompton. Will be thinking of you - let us know how it goes.

Fantastic news shows the dirty tricks were not going to work on you. What with the lucky black cat as well it was all going your way.

One Quick Question I am trying to decipher what PUP is? I guess pulmonary is in there somewhere?

Be Well

Thanks Offcut,I think you mean PiP do you? D.

No Quote

"So all down to the pup for us Healthunlockers." ???

Well done Farmer, you deserve it, its always nice to hear good news. As has been said i think your black cat worked his magic. Enjoy! Love Kin Xx

Thank you Kin.D.

Delighted to hear this D, you deserve it. I know it's small consolation for what you've been going through but it should help somewhat. Let us know how you go at RBH.

Good news Farmer D and hope you get more good news at the Brompton. Lovely cat photo. take care and best wishes to you. xxxx

Thanks Sassy. D.

So nice to hear some good news, hope all goes well at Brompton.

polly xx

So happy for you and yes we won't to see the pic of you and your Mini xx

That is good news Farmer!! I am so pleased for you, good luck with your apt. Loveyourluckycat!!! Huff xxxx

Thank you Huff. D.

So very pleased for you Farmer D and glad that you now have plans to make life that bit better.

Love that puddy tat xxx

I'm over the moon for you lad! Had a little chuckle of delight when I read your post this morning. I've decided there is some justice in this world. Have to say the some of PIP people do step up when it is obvious there is a genuine case in front of them. And didn't they move fast!

Enjoy! Give Dizzle an extra scratch of your toe tonight.

Love the mini cooper too. Great taste.

Sara xx


Thanks so much Peege,woof! D.

This is great news FarmerD,

I just picked up on your mention of a bathroom conversion. Are you aware of the Disabled Facilities Grant? It's available from your local authority for things like this, as well as improving access and heating. Here's a link for more information.


Give us a call on 03000 030 555, if you need any other advice.



Thanks,we did look into this but as my wife has the temerity to still be working,she,s a teacher,our income is too high.

Well done Farmer D I'm so pleased you got the right decision I just can't understand why you did not claim it years ago with you being so ill did they give you a time scale of when they will review it most is about 2 years.

Good luck at the hospital today and if that goes well go and put some on the lottery and let us all have the same numbers.

Thanks Ona,I,ve only felt really ill in the last two years,after a bout of pneumonia and did,nt feel I deserved it until recently.My review is in 2018 if I make it that far lol . D. :D

That makes me laugh having a review in 2018 what part of COPD don't they understand the only way we will improve is by a lung transplant this is the part I find most frustrating, I do wish BLF would do a training day with the DWP, Capita and Atos. Anyway farmer you enjoy going out and don't forget to post pictures of the mini I had a mini clubman and then a mini not sure what sort was a bloody nasty bottle green one both went for miles on a gallon of petrol then I had a metro

Great news for you.

Thanks River. D.

well done xx

Thank you Undine. D.

That's great news well done

Thanks Michelle. D.

That is very good news and am sure it helps put your mind at ease. What's the saying, good things come to those that wait?

Your cat reminds me so much of a cat we had that lived to be 21 and was so unique. I know most cats are unique but he was extra unique and even people that didn't like cats fell for him.

great news farmer, you'll have that bathroom conversion and soon will be driving a mini cooper,

best of luck to you, jimmy :)

Thanks Jimmy, might drive the bathroom and just wallow in the mini lol. :d D.

:D :D :D

Well done - fantastic news - good luck at the Brompton, and please keep us updated. All very best wishes

I'm made up for you Farmer, brilliant !!!

Thanks Casper. D.

That's your lucky black cat helping you. So pleased for you xx

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