French anti-tobacco campaign - what do you think?

French anti-tobacco campaign - what do you think?

A French anti-tobacco organisation uses powerful images to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking. What do you think about their campaign above and how it compares to the ones we have in the UK?

"Every year in France, the equivalent of a town of more than 60,000 people goes up in smoke. Because of tobacco".

You can see more of their campaigns here:

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  • A think its quite lame realy one we have that looks like jelly is better

    Well i say jelly but thats nicotine talking a think its rank ours and tru illustration

    What can a say about french eh

    Apart from given stuff the eat ya would think ad would have tad more balls

  • It's all rubbish! Campaigns go on endlessly about lung cancer and tumours etc. but everyone 'knows' they won't get this. If however you point out that around 1 in 4 will get COPD and explain what that is then more smokers might stop. That's what I think anyway. Everyone knows about lung cancer but not many know about more minor consequences like COPD.

    Every smoker I know is sick to death of the silly messages and horrific pictures on fag packets coz familiarty breeds contempt. Most of them just laugh. Much more education needs to be done about COPD instead. If you say that every 5 cigarettes causes a tumour all smokers go - ok it is too late for me then might as well carry on.

    Campaigners are only concentrating on the sensational instead of the lesser reality - COPD.


  • I completely agree with you flibberti. Well said x

  • Well said CAL. I remember years ago when they first started this "Smoking can harm your unborn baby" stuff and other warnings on cigarette packets. I thought to myself, well I had 3 healthy kids while being a smoker and it made no difference, so why would anyone take any notice now? If people want to smoke - they will, and no amount of verbal or visual advertising will stop them. The person themselves have to want to give up, and without the determination to do it. it just won't happen. However, I do think that many of the stop smoking aids can help to take the edge off the craving, and the righteous dogooders who are now trying to ban Ecigs from everywhere should be looking on the positive side that at least some are trying!

    As you say, all COPD diseases are awful to live with, but when you're young - old age is soooo far in the future that it doesn't matter, and you feel so untouchable and full of life that it can't possibly happen to you. When I was young, you were looked on as a bit "odd" if you didn't smoke, and who wants to be different from their peers? Not me then, and it's the same today. People want to fit in and if that means smoking - so be it. Sir Walter Raleigh has a lot to answer for! Lol

  • I am in Oz and we have had ghastly images on packets for years, plus plain packaging (all cigarettes are in the same greeny/grey packet) with no distinguishable markings, also they have to be out of sight in all shops, I do think it has helped a little in discouraging young people to start but it does nothing to deter the addict.

  • We desperately need more fully informed education with regard to smoking and alcohol consumption. I do not think that the scary tactics work. After all, when you pass a horrifying car crash on the Motorway it doesn't stop any of us driving does it? My Dad dies of lung cancer when he was 52 (43 years ago) but it did not stop me smoking. I had never heard of COPD until I was diagnosed 10 years ago when I was 57 and I stopped smoking immediately. But had I known what a miserable quality of life lay on store for me with COPD I just might if thought differently all those years ago. Then it was 'well I have got to die of something!'.

    It never occurred to me that I might spend years living with the painful consequences.

  • The French advertising is a bit tame, but I think that no matter what you put on packets or on TV, people will smoke. The young in France are just like the young everywhere else, they are taking up smoking. It is a lot to do with self-esteem and peer pressure. I do not know what can work!

  • And of course the Govt could make smoking illegal and ban it completely. Oh hang on though what about the huge taxes it generates? After all they need their cash cow. So they will never do that will they? If they provide more realistic information then too many would give up but they have to be seen paying lip service. It's just hypocracy.

  • All governments pay lip-service to the horrors of tobacco smoking - none of them fancy doing without the massive revenue generated by smokers (and drinkers). Hence the implacable opposition to electronic cigs by the E.U - they cause no harm to users or bystanders but they haven't yet found a way to slap a "sin-tax" on them. 14,000 people a day are alleged to die of smoking related disease, no-one has died from the proper use of the e-cig, ever.

  • This is exactly what I am talking about - lip service! If everyone gave up using e-cigs the Govt. would lose a lot of money.

    So what you do when a new invention like e-cigs appears is to cast doubts over it's effectiveness with loads of spin. Isn't it interesting how money is found for research into things the policitians want tested? So you muddy the waters and get the public confused about the benefits of of e-cigs to keep your cash cow intact.

    No one is saying that e-cigs are harmless but they are a lot less harmful than smoking real ciggies and this shouldn't be forgotten.

    If they can't be controlled they will soon be regulated to death and taxed! Call me a cynic but isn't this the way it works? x

  • I don't think the add is very good not enough to put people off.

    I went to aqua fit last night a young lad in the pool said you come hear every week and your still very breathless I replied I always will be I have COPD because I smoked for 20 years he is going to the quit clinic.

    Today I saw a lady I know who has COPD in a wheel chair on oxygen lighting up a fag outside the supermarket in the freezing cold.

    I don't know what can be done only that years ago when people were smoking the government did not put all the tax off cigarettes in to the NHS another case of you reap what you sew

  • As I live in France and have not been very aware of their ads against smoking, I suspect they are not very successful!

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