Hi, this is my first time on here, I wonder if anyone could help, I am thinking seriously about quitting smoking and setting a date, but I am really worried about how stopping will affect my breathing, I have never been offered the management programme people talk about on here and I have had COPD, they think, for 20 years, although they weren't sure as thought it mightbe asthma, which I am on inhalers for. Can anyone give me some advice please, thank you, Aliebee

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Set a date, about. 18th January 2015.

The only effect you have when stopping smoking is better health.

Speak to you GP for advice and support, your local Pharmacy will also offer one to one support.

Thank you I will do that

My best advice is does your doctor or local health authority run a quiters support group you are far more likely to succeed with support than just trying to go it alone, as regards your breathing relax once you have quit slowly your body will take over you might be coughing up gunge for a month or two but that is good. And well done on making the choice after I did 9 years ago I never looked back, so go for it.

Thanks that's very encouraging, well done you for stopping, :-)

thanks but with me I have other conditions so the sooner I stopped the easier it was for me although I was going through 3 packs a day the second week of attending the support group I just decided enough and never looked back I always maintain I would never have survived my aneurysm rupture 3 years later had I not stopped. Live long and prosper.

Quit smoking now...your health will benefit from it.

Beautiful photo. that your house.? :-)

Haha I wish, I am watching the transformation thro renovation, I love it, it is in the French alps, we can only dream l, thanks fir your encouragement x

Being a non smoker I don't appreciate how difficult it is to give up. But you'll get lots of support from some lovely people on this site. However you decide to do it, I wish you all the best.

Now its a shame that's not your house. lol :-D

Thank you Jolyn, I know I am overwhelmed by the support I have had so far, everyone is being so kind, thank you. Oh by the way I wish it was my house too, we could all have a great get together, lol it has 98 rooms!!!! Can you imagine it, will update photo when it is done x

I stopped about 4/5 months ago and have been fine but I did it gradually until I was on 3 a day then stopped altogether - Cold Turkey can be a bit of a shock to some. But its what works for the individual that matters - good luck and be determined :)

Hi I have heard stories on here about how stopping smoking can affect you adversly with your beathing for the first couple of months or so but that is only short term and will soon stop. The concensus is that it is the best thing you can do for your health and in the longer term you will really benefit. Good for you - go for it.

Your doctors surgery should have a nurse who specialises in stopping smoking so it might be a good idea to see her to discuss various methods. Many people use an e-cig which you can buy over the counter. x

Thank you for your reply, I will check things out with my GP, yes I saw these posts about breathing being worse and it scared me a bit but, here goes, doing it anyway, love your name by the way l

What mine? I do cough a lot hence the name. :d Like your name too.

When you ring up your surgery say you want to give up smoking and they will probably make you an appointment with the smoking nurse. In my experience doctors themselves don't deal with and and just refer you to the nurse. Good luck x

Thank you will let you know what happens :-))

Welcome Aliebee and you have come to the right place. I can see you have already had great advice about quitting smoking so nothing I can add there. Keep posting and wishing you well in your quest to quit. xxxx

Thank you x

I'm trying to give up too and have been using nicotine patches since mid December. It was a rocky start but I've not had a cigarette now for 18 whole days and am feeling pretty pleased with myself. I've tried giving up before and never got this far ...maybe it's because this time I really understand (thanks to this website) that my health is at stake.

With regard to breathing problems...this past 48 hours my breathing has been slightly worse (but only slightly) and I'm producing phlegm again. On the plus side, the most the most noticable thing is my irritating smokers cough has gone away. Can't call myself a non-smoker yet but at least I'm on the right track. So I'm going to carry on - hope you'll join me soon !!!

I hope so too, contacted my surgery tomorrow, haven't decided yet whether to go cold turkey, cut back then stop or use an aid, I will decide after speaking to cessation nurse, thanks will keep you posted :-))

I wish you very success... just choose whatever you think suits you best. :)

Well done you, keep it up!! Xx

You might like to look in on the Quit Support community on Health Unlocked - Search for smoking in the 'Browse Communities' tab (in 'my communities'). Good Luck.

Thanks I will, :-))

I've been stopped for just over 3yrs. I smoked for 3yrs. It has certainly improved my breathing. I have asthma and have recently been diagnosed with emphysema. It was the hardest thing I've ever done. But 3 months after quitting I bought myself an ipad with what I'd saved. Set a date and go for it. Good luck xx

Wow that's great, well hope that's me in three months, I will be booking a cruise when I save enough, great incentive, well done to you :-))

How r u getting on with the smoking not smoking x

That should read I smoked for 38yrs xx

I quit 15 months ago after 48 years of smoking. Did it with the hep of champix which is only available through quit support services or doctor.

I was lucky in that my cough ( day and night ) for the previous 6 months and massive phlegm production stopped within a few days of quitting . Breathing also improved.

Hi, that always stopped me giving up before, I, like you, have been smoking for 50 years and have always thought it's too late, it's impossible to give up a habit that long, but everyone is so encouraging and I know that this is my time, in my retirement I want to be healthy and enjoy it, thank you and well done, x

Evening welcome to our family. Great advice already.

Kim x

Thanks :-))

Aren't we a lovely bunch Aliebee :d xx

Haha certainly are :-)))

Hi Alibee,

First piece of advice, STOP SMOKING! Your breathing will improve dramatically.

I quit 10 years ago after 40 years of smoking. I have spent the last 10 years on an internet quit site helping with such advice. I went to my GP, and he agreed with me to throw everything I could at the problem, so.......I joined a quit site, took Champix, got the patches, researched smoking online, used relaxation tapes and some old hypnosis ones, (hypnosis on its own rarely works!) I prepared before setting a date - very important - then I went for it with huge determination that the 'Nicodemon' would not be allowed to win.

It is not easy, but my motto was - "Whatever it takes, just don't smoke!" If it helps you to quit, do it!

Hope this helps you...Love Lolly. x

Thanks your story is encouraging, I find it a bit scary I suppose, not to have cigarettes in my bag, but like you said being prepared will help so thanks, will keep you posted x

Hi Aliebee and welcome to this amazing site, you have already had lots of good advice. So good luck, a few weeks from now and you will wonder why you did'nt do it before. Love Kin Xx

Thanks x

Whichever way you choose you just have to stop! I quit after 60 years of smoking 20 a day - on the 28th of this month it will be five years since my last cigarette and I too did it with the switch to e-cigs. I admire those who can do it "cold turkey" - I tried many times with gums. patches and hypnosis but always fell off the wagon. Just sort your options and quit - soonest!

:-)) here goes lol x

No one can tell you to stop or what date to stop. Question how many do you smoke a day , when do you smoke and what's is your goal. We are all different, many of us smoke for enjoyment, reduce stress or habit.

One thing l can say is by stopping will reduce the coughing everytime you light up, plus it will reduce more damage to the lungs.

Do you enjoy your life? by stopping it will prolonge your life. if you're on medication for COPD you're just wasting time and money.

Sorry for the depressing text but you are the only one that can make that choice, l didn't that was made for me with the lost of a kidney due to cancer and COPD is now left me disabled unable to walk more then 10-15 feet without stopping, can drive, have scooter to go out and about, l'm only 59............

Sorry to hear what happened to you, I suppose we all think that won't happen to me, but it does, take care will let you know how I get I. X

Hi Aliebee I have now not smoked for 7 years and I use to be a 20 a day and more on weekends. I tried everything to give up, then one of my friends told me about the Allen Carr stop smoking clinic. It does cost over £200 now but you will have that money back in a month, also if you start smoking within the 3 months they will give you a top up session. Well worth the money. Good luck, Fairygodmother

Thank you for that, very interesting, will have a look at the website :-))

Aliebee,I am on the same road as you,am on 25mg nicorette patches,and an Inhalation cartridge 15mg if I get a craving...

I cut down at first from twenty to ten,then joined NHS "quite for life" program,I have telephone call every Thursday from my one to one nurse.

Last week she did a carbon monoxide reading over the phone (after sending me the equipment through the post to do it with) readings go from 1-6...mine read 2.

Nurse was very pleased with me,and so was I.

I smoked roll ups...I am still trying to get over the trigger points of wanting to smoke,like on waking up with a cuppa,after a meal,and before going to sleep at night.

I have mastered the one before going to sleep.

I have mastered the waking up one.

I have mastered the after a meal one.

But !!! I have not yet managed to stop the four ciggs in between those trigger times (:

I am now using the nicorette inhalation cartridge when I get the craving along with the patches,( it's like an E-Cigg ) but does not need charging,ask your doctor or quit team about it,might be good having just one more little helper,as I call it. :)

Best wishes,Good luck :)

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