Tigger has been in touch today, and has been well enough to read all your wonderful messages of support and encouragement, and has asked me to thank you all, every one of you, very much indeed. she has been moved to tears by the support you have given her.

She is better today than yesterday, but still very unwell and in pain. However, typical Tigger has managed to convince staff to let her go to the hospital café with her carer for a while, as she needs away from the ward, so that should boost her too. She is on an IV drip, and is going to the café in a wheelchair. It appears that it is her heart that is causing most of her present problems, so is being monitored for that, as it is abnormally slow.

Another storm has arrived, and my connections are getting a bit iffy now, so am going offline for a little while as I don't want to lose posts etc.

Thanks again, you have all come through as usual, and I am so grateful to you for supporting tigger.

Take care,

love and special hugs,

Huggs xxx :)

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That's a little bit of good news, give her our best regards, and give yourself a hug ,you are a very caring and kind person. No need for thanks it's a pleasure to think a few words of encouragement are helping. Tell ztigger we all still routing for her, messages and prayers☺️

Thanks June, your support is appreciated by tigger and myself, and I have told tigger about all of the support, much of which she has seen herself now, but she is not so well again today.

I have just got online a short while ago due to storms, so apologies for being late. I know she also appreciates prayers too.

Take care,

hugs from Huggs xx :)

Hi huggs, you have a nice w/end and try not to worry too much, make sure you don't forget to look after yourself too.

Hi June,

Thank you for that, and don't worry about me, I am fine, and hope you are doing okay too.

Feel better being online as you feel so cut off when you cannot get on the internet!!

I am all nice and cosy in the storms although there is a lull at the minute.

Take care,

hugs from Huggs xxx :)

Thank you for the update huggs...I'm glad Tigger's feeling a little better. I hope she continues to improve. xx

Thank you Jolyn, but tigger isn't too well again today, but hopefully will improve again as the day wears on, and treatment starts to kick in.

Take care,

hugs from Huggs xx :)

Bless her... that's a shame...lets hope the treatment works soon. xx

xxxx :) Thanks

That is good to hear, thanks for letting us know. Stay safe and hugs and all best wishes to you and Tigger. Xris x

Thank you Xris, your support means an awful lot to tigger, and thanks for your good wishes. I have been offline due to internet connection being down with the storms, which is why I am so late in replying.

hugs from Huggs xxx :)

I spoke to our priest today and she and her daughter have been added to our Mass intentions so they are prayed for every day

Thank you Taz, and tigger is a believer and is very grateful for you doing this for her. I cannot tell you how grateful she is.

Take care,

hugs from Huggs xx :)

Two guaranteed ways to offend people and induce harsh worded exchanges, Religious expressions and Political renderings.

It can be hard work sometimes in BLF to constantly ignore references to personal leanings that aught to stay personal.


Oh most certainly not a problem with either your opinion or your expression of it. I also completely agree with the sending maximum support for Tigger, as I posted earlier. Sorry my inept phrasing led you to believe that I had any objections to your direct message of support as opposed to it being sent via a divine intermediary. Rib

Thanks for your continuing support Rib, which is much appreciated.

Take care,

hugs from Huggs xx :)

Thank you flibberti for your continuing support and for caring, which is greatly appreciated. Sorry for the late response but internet has been down all day due to storms. I am not sure how long I can remain on line. She is not so well today, but hopefully will pick up again soon.

Take care,

hugs from Huggs xx :)

So glad that little gal is a bit better Huggs. Thank you for keeping us updated and tell her we are all strongly behind her with all our good wishes.

Hope the weather has calmed down a bit there. 'Fraid I'm a lover of storms and rough seas, the wilder the better. That is of course If I can watch them all curled up and cosy behind strong double glazing! Wonder how FarmerD is doing in the Highlands! The storms must have been something there!

Hugs to you and Tigger. Take care.

Sara xx

HI Sara,

Rest assured tigger knows how much you are all behind her, rooting for her and is so appreciative of that. She is not so well today, but hopefully will improve again soon with treatment.

For the moment, ( emphasis on moment) the weather has calmed down, as this is the first I have been able to get a spell online today, so hope it holds out for a while so I can reply to everyone.

I too love storms, and use to love going out in them with my dogs, the wilder the better, but cannot do that now, so watch in awe from my window or the safety of a taxi. I don't have double glazing, which I wouldn't mind having, but that's life. Yes, further North had it even worse than us so hope he is okay. I must admit I didn't know he lived in the Highlands, I wonder where about he is.

The weather here is not to settle down until midweek, but it can change so quickly.

I have been unable to get onto the internet until a short time ago due to weather.

Take care,

hugs from Huggs xxx :)

Do continue to give her my support Huggs although of course I will send a reply to any post you send about Tigger. Such a bad place for her to be and she will need something positive in her life besides what we can do to pull her out of it. Sorry, I shouldn't be stating the obvious. Wish the docs would do something!

Glad you survived the stormy weather virtually unscathed. Bit of a bummer about the internet though. Ah well that's life. Hope it all settles down before your next visit to the mainland! Sara xxx

Hi Sara,

Thanks for your reply, and as tigger will be reading these posts they will be uplifting her as I said. She is stubborn, which I think is a good thing to have in the chronically ill or prolonged sickness, so that is going to help her too. The big positive in her life is her beautiful young daughter who she dotes on, and she has lots of friends too. If I could I would be there like a shot beside her, but I don't think that will be possible.

I know a lot of people don't believe in God, and it is generally a no go area on here, but I would like to say that tigger is a believer so is also getting strength and comfort from her faith. I know its not everyone's way, but it is hers and if prayers and suchlike are helping her then good.

I am due on the mainland on Wednesday which is when the weather is suppose to settle down a bit, so heres hoping!! Most of my urgent appointments are done now, so if some things are delayed a little then so be it, as it is just part and parcel of living here.

Take care,

hugs from Huggs xxx :)

So happy to read that update huggs,thank you! We are all thinking of her,& once again,dear Huggs is the perfect messenger! Love & huggs to you both.xxxx

PS.please be careful with those storms,even on the news here xx

Hi Wen,

Thanks for your continuing support. The internet has been down for hours, but back on for the moment. Tigger is not so well today, but hoping she picks up quickly again after rest and treatment.

The storm is in a lull at the moment, but is due back anytime. I was out feeding the birds earlier and my hands were like blocks of ice. It has been hailstorms all day, which has frozen so it looks like snow, but isn't. Where is the snow? lol

Take care,

hugs from Huggs xxx :)

Morning Hugs, So pleased to hear things are a little brighter for Tigger, what an ordeal she is going thru, bad enough when you are old but terrible in one so young, Regards to you both, Bulpit

Hi Bulpit,

Thanks for your support which tigger greatly appreciates. She is not so well today, but will pick up again quickly I hope after rest and treatment.

hugs from Huggs xx :)

Thank you Huggs, hope you don't loose your connection in the storm, so far so good. It is good to know tigger is improving slightly hope the cafe visit improved her moral a little. Best wishes to both of you xxxx :)

Hi Katie,

I did lose my connection in the storm but there seems to be a lull at the moment so am taking advantage of it. Tigger is appreciative of your support, but is not so well today. I am sure she will pick up again after some rest and treatment. She certainly enjoyed her visit to the café.

Take care,

hugs from Huggs xxx :)

I am sure Tigger will improve if she takes things slowly one day at a time. It is a big thing to go through. Hope you still have a connection in the storm apparently there is more bad weather to come yet, so will understand if you are not on the site xx :)

Hi Katie,

Tigger emailed me twice through the night!! She couldn't sleep, as she had been sleeping all day, and seemed quite perky. She was having difficulty emailing however, as she was doing it under the covers so as not to get in trouble with the nurses. LOL I have emailed her this morning, so hope she gets it okay as the connection isn't great at her end either.

That lull I mentioned? Didn't last long. Connection is okay meantime, but as you say there is quite a bit more to come, and as far as I can see it doesn't settle down here until midweek, and by settle I mean a little better. ha ha

Pleased you understand if I am not around it is due to connections and hope everyone will realise that, which I am sure they will, as its all over the news.

Due to go to mainland on Wednesday for specialist physio for 2 hours!! Seems a bit long to me, but part of it is a group session so that explains it probably. Dreading the road journey as every little bump sets the knives off in my head, and am wondering whether to take a small dose of the morphine sulphate tablets which I have for use in emergencies. I have stayed clear of them so far, as I fear their reactions to breathing and epilepsy. Also don't want to end up as an inpatient due to taking them! I suppose the answer would be to try them out before hand, but don't want to take them if I feel I don't need them. Conundrums, conumdrums!!

Hope the weather isn't too bad where you are, and that you aren't in too much pain.

hugs from Huggs xxx :)

Good luck with the physio on Wednesday, hope the weather stays good for you as we down in the Midlands are forecast for storms in the afternoon that day. When I broke my shoulder a few years ago I used to go to a physio group for nine months, it was just for shoulder problems and worked very well as I met others in the same boat. True the morphine tablets might relax you but they do affect the breathing too as you say and as I understand are not particularly the best option when you are epileptic either, so I would give it careful consideration. My daughter sticks to co-Codamol regularly when in pain plus private physio.

Thanks Huggs for updating me on Tigger, I can just imagine her under the covers hiding from the nurses, if her luck is anything like mine things will just fall on the floor and wake the whole ward. The pain is always worse in the cold damp weather but we get by, must go now jobs to do the weather is dark and pouring down right now but not too windy. Bye for now xx :)

Hi Katie,

Thanks for replying. The forecast for here has changed for Wednesday, from a couple of days ago, and now we have a storm warning also for wind, snow and ice, which is to be worse in the afternoon, and my appointment is 1.30 so don't know what will happen. It has been very stormy today but the ferries have sailed much of the time, so mustn't be so bad on the mainland side.

As far as painkillers go, I cannot take much. Anything with paracetamol or codeine in it makes me sick, as does tramadol to a slightly less extent but does not help the pain. I am presently on Bu-Trans patches, which I couldn't tolerate at all at first, but after being given stronger antisickness tablets, which are usually used for people having chemo have tolerated them much better.

Road journeys are truly horrendous for me, in fact I am usually in tears by the time I reach the destination, despite the patches, which the Consultant noticed at the pain clinic and was concerned, which is why, after much discussion she gave me a small amount to use in flare ups or emergencies. As I said I have not used any of them, but dread the journey, but maybe as it is the first session with the specialist physio it would be better for her to see what I am like after a journey, and take it from there.

We have a lull right now, but not sure how long it will last, and hope it doesn't get too bad for you.

Take care,

hugs from Huggs xxx :)

You are probably right Huggs maybe it would be better if the Physio saw how a journey effects you, all presuming the weather lets you travel fingers crossed xx :)

HI Katie,

Don't know what it is, but every time I mention a lull, it all starts up again!!! Will not mention that 4 lettered word for a long time, if ever. ha ha.

Thanks for replying, and have decided not to take the tablets on the journey there, assuming I do get there at all, but can always carry a couple with me, and if the journey there has been bad, can take them for the return. Hoping I won't need to, but I think the fact that I know I have them, If necessary will relax me as well.

Hope you can get your pain under control.

Take care,

hugs from Huggs xxx :)

ps Forgot to mention that tigger's phone has locked up and is using a borrowed phone which is not so good at letting her online. She forgot to tell me how she is doing! xx :)

That's a good idea about the pills, some people do that with cigarettes when they are giving up. The security of the drug being available if needed relaxes you. Mobile phones are not as good as PCs unless you have one of the most up to date windows style. Well hopefully Tigger is getting a little better each day.xx :)

Thanks to you Huggs for flagging it up to us. I am glad tigger is feeling a little better.

Hang on to your hat until your storms are over! I'll be thinking of you!

Love Lolly. xx

Thanks Lolly,

I don't think the storms will be over until midweek, but who knows, things can change quickly.

Tigger isn't quite so well today, but I am sure she will pick up soon and with all the support she is getting that is bound to be a massive boost to her.

Take care,

hugs from Huggs xxx :)

Thanks for that update huggs and wishing Tigger a speedy recovery. I do hope the hospital can help her and I am sure they are doing all they can. Get Well Soon Tigger.

Huggs - what would we do without you? xxxxx

You are welcome sassy, and tigger appreciates all the good wishes and support shown to her. She is not so well today, but am sure she will pick up soon once again. Thanks again.

Take care,

hugs from Huggs xxx :)

Hi Huggs hope the storms are not too bad for you, I am sure they would be wonderful to watch if you were wrapped up safe and ward (I hope you are).

Good news about Tigger feeling a bit stronger, hope she enjoyed her cuppa, nice to get off the ward for a while. Little steps lead to big ones so take care Tigger we are all routing for you.

polly xx

Hi Polly,

Tigger hasn't been quite as well today, but am sure she will improve again soon after some rest and treatment, Her attitude is great and she enjoyed her time off the ward, and I know I would be the same, cannot settle in hospitals at all.!!

There is presently a lull in the storm which is why I am online, so trying to reply to as many people as possible in case it goes down again.

I must admit to loving a good storm as long as they don't get too hairy as they did a couple of years ago when we had 3 hurricanes in 8 months and each one worse than the last, It was not nice then. Nice and cosy indoors today though.

Are you not getting any storms then? A lot of the country is today and last night also. No food supplies delivered to the island today or papers, just as well I keep well stocked up.

Thanks again for your support and hope hubby is continuing to improve.

Take care,

hugs from Huggs xxx :)

Great to hear that she is about. be it still in the hospital. I suffer tachycardia which is the opposite to the bradycardia but on a 24 holtor monitor I peaked at 169 and had a low of 35 BPM. I am sure they will find a pill that will sort the rate out.

Be well

HI Offcut,

Sorry to hear that you have heart problems too and hope they have found effective treatment for you. Tigger's problem is long QT Syndrome so hope they can start her on some beta blockers to see if they can help.

Thanks for your support for tigger which is boosting her a lot.

Take care,

hugs from Huggs xx :)

Special thoughts for both you and Tigger. Much love Kin Xx

Hi Kin,

Thanks so much for that, which I appreciate and tigger will too.

Hope you are doing okay,

hugs from Huggs xxx :)

ps I am going to try and send that Scottish song to Tigger, so hope she gets it okay, as it is a phone she is using in hospital. It will give her a good laugh.

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