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new years resoloutions

i always make a new year resolution ,not to make a new years resolution and i have stuck to that for years: but this year i am breaking with that and making a resolution to try and do some exercise ,because i haven`t done any for months ,i have had recurring exaberations which hasn`t helped ,but i must get off my backside and do something, happy new year to you all

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Hi Whit. You do realise that you do not even need to move your buttocks to exercise your lungs. Sure, general exercise is very good for those who can, but if it is your breathing and lung clearance that you need to achieve then a seated routine may be more productive for other people.

I am severely limited in moving about so the pulmonary physio visited me at home in November and December. Her couching through a cycle of 4 breathing exercises have made a huge difference to the amount of ugh that I have shifted.

BLF have exercise instructions. Not sure if you can download them but worth a local rate call to their 03000 030 555. 10am - 6 pm Weekdays

All calls are at local rate. Mobile calls are free within the call package.

Regards Rib


lung clearance is ok ,it`s the breathing i have problems with , least effort leaves me breathless, took the wheelie bin out earlier 25 feet away ,took me 10mins to get my breath back


Hi whit, good luck with whatever exercise u manage, I get loads, finger exercising = typing

Jaw exercise = talking, singing lol, the rest will try and fit into my busy days:) Happy New Year. Xx Sonia xx


Sounds good - Happy New Year xx


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