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Diagnosed with chest infection yesterday afternoon and got course of a-biotics, 500mg amoxycillin 3x a day.

took 2 yesterday and by late evening airways had eased greatly.But by this morning back to square one.

Question is, 3 a day but nothing at night and infection gets a grip again?

Now, I do have a full packet of same antibiotic from dentist as emergency measure in case an abscess flared up again, which it didn`t, Could I take one of these during the night? I get up 2 or 3 times a night anyway.

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NO. Absolutely NO. Please do not. Average your day so that you take 1 when you get up and 1 at bedtime then take 1 half way between these two.

You should feel improvement about day 4

Regards Rib


I am, and always do, take at times you suggest, concerns me that nightime seems to revert.... What is the reason why not ? ( curiosity, not arguing)


I am not sure I understand your point. Doses are calculated so as to make medicines easy for the majority to take. With respect most normal people (ie not us with health or age probs) are asleep at night and taking meds would not be convenient. Nor would drug rounds be carried out in hospitals.

Breathing and thereby lung infections are worse at night because people tend to recline and thereby do not breathe as properly as during the day . Secondly they are not as active at night.

As for me I fail the sleeping test on health and age counts which is why I am usually here most nights :-) Rib

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What I mean is, the abiotics see to lose out to reifection with the long night time gap between doses.... Only just coming round to half decent breathing after a full day of being affected again by infammation.


They aren't working yet. It takes 3 days to kick in. Any effect is coincidence. Only IV antibiotics begin to effect infections on the first day. Rib


Understood,, What are the IV type?


Intravenous. A needle in your arm so they can be drip fed.


of course....... Thank you for you assistance on all this


No probs. A pleasure to be of assistance. Rib


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