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Reflux and wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas

Hi guys, two weeks ago I caught a bad infection. Everything went well until predictably I started with reflux. I had my usual tablets and I also use Rennie etc if necessary, however, this time I decided to try Chrystalised Ginger. I wasn't sure whether it would work on the reflux but I had a horrible taste in my mouth and I was so dry I decided to give it a go. Well it worked fine. My mouth was lovely and moist again, my sinuses where clear and best of all NO REFLUX. I am now in my third week of having the ginger pieces in my bag and I am well again. Last night we were away from home staying in a hotel and of course I had forgotten the Rennies etc. After a lovely meal and a scoop or two I felt that feeling of reflux we all know so well and I popped a piece of ginger in my mouth, goodbye reflux. Ginger does need a little getting use to as it is quite strong but boy does it work. You can buy it in any supermarket in the baking aisle. Give it a go and I am sure you will be glad especially after eating all the usual Christmas fare, not to mention the drinks. Merry Christmas Everyone. Stay well. Maximonkey

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The ginger sounds a good tip Maximonkey.Have a lovely Christmas and a healthy happy new year.Blessings :) Janexx


Thanks for the heads-up Maximonkey. I do make tea from ginger root but have never tried chrystallised ginger - will give it a go :)


Hi maximonkey

You could always grate some ginger in your foods has same effect. Hope you're feeling well as this weather doesn't help. I have infection again but try to stay positive. The down side being on antibiotics again birthday Saturday so hope to feel well enough to go out, take care message again soon rosarybeads999


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