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I come back to blf website after a few weeks away and everything has changed. I am not a regular visitor but if I am down mentally, physically, emotionally I could, at least, log on, maybe respond to somebody or post myself. Everything is changing too quickly for me. I have to be the one responsible in our house re IT. I just came on to put some jokes on humour (I read them but never post, my husband will say that is an old one!) Seeing when we were younger he would be out with ...... wake me up with the first line and last line of a joke (naughty) and I had to remember the whole of it. I became an expert. What are followers = I have e mails re this. I am too tired, too old I thought BLF would not change again. Anyway, Happy Christmas to everybody and I hope everybody will have a healthier 2015. KJJ

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HI katiejj,

aww, please don't stay away! I know it is disconcerting if you are away for a while, come back and lots of new names and a new 'follow' feature as well.

As far as a number of the 'old' names not being around, as I am sure you know and understand a lot of us have multiple health issues, and sometimes new ones arrive and slap us around a bit, so we disappear for a time, but come back again.

Can I explain and reassure you about the 'follow' feature. This is something that the whole of HU, in their wisdom, have introduced because they say, that lots of people who are thinking of joining hang around the forum to see how it works, what kind of questions and replies are posted and generally get a feel for the forum. So if a new person or a present member finds a post or discussion interesting they can click on the + button on a persons profile, which means they are following the posts which that person posts, or follow any discussions which are taking place, as they are notified by email when the person they have chosen to follow, posts. You do not have to follow anyone, and soon HU are introducing a feature where a member can choose not to be followed. HU have also mentioned that some people are too shy or lacking in confidence to post and just choose to read and learn, and this 'follow' feature makes it easier for them to do that. There has been a lot of discussion about it, so if you don't want to be followed by anyone, then shortly you will be able to opt out of that, on your profile. We will all get notified of that at the time.

I agree, as do many others that BLF was a more user friendly and homlier forum before the last change, but you do get use to it, you just need to keep practising and navigating your way around. If you have been away for a while it is more difficult but it does come back to you.

I don't know what age you are, but I am sure you are not too told, as there is a wide age range of people here. I am not techie at all, but have learned some things, and if something is not clear to you, just post a question and I guarantee someone will be along to answer you. :)

I think the humour section is a vital part of this community and there are lots of jokes and funnies posted, which we all need. A good laugh or even a smile raises the spirits, so stick around and enjoy meeting new people as well as ones that are familiar to you. I rarely post at this time, as I should be in the land of nod, but for the third night in a row I am being kept awake by a combination of gale force winds and pain, so decided to see if anyone else was up. Your post was a few hours ago, so you are probably sleeping by now. I hope you have a lovely Christmas, and better health in 2015, and sorry you are going through a hard time right now.

hugs from Huggs :) xx

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Thanks Huggs, Yes Generally, I am a lurker on forums as I have seen some nastiness on some of them but this forum is of great help, I agree. Just have a lot of personal uncertainties at the moment nothing to do with the Bronch so it just felt too much!!!!!!!!!! Anyway hope you have got some relief from your pain now. I know all other matters do not count if you are in pain. I should be grateful that I am no longer on morphine re broken sternum. Anyway hope 2015 will be more pain free for you. Katie


I've been a regular on here for well over a year. Yes, there has been changes and some of the old ones have gone. But, I couldn't be without this site, I've come to rely on the ones who use it. Only last week I had a concern that I wrote about and the response was great and helped me a lot. Also, the jokes are so uplifting, I've just read the one you have put on, it's fantastic, and if you've got more please share them. Sometimes a joke is as good as a pill.

You take care and have a lovely Christmas. Hope to hear from you soon. xxx


I agree I have found this forum and nurses so helpful as only have GP to help with Bronchiectasis and he has changed due to too heavy work load. I try to manage on my own but sometimes nice to know that you not on yr own. I probably have some more jokes and will try to put some on humour.Wishing you a

Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year. Katie


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