not sure whats going on

hi everyone

I have been here and reading your posts just about to write something then find i have falling asleep that's what its been like falling asleep more than often all the breathing test been done just waiting now seen copd nurse today feel she was not much help dismiss some of my questions i feel i got worse 20yrs ago i was really ill chest infections every 6 weeks blood clot twice on lung blood clots in leg doctors didn't no what was going on left my job for abit to get well and get well for my wedding from this day still don't no ask the nurse today if it was start of copd she said it could of been few months back woke up could not breath rang the ambulance sats drop very low for 2 days i slept and slept i still work 30 to 40 hrs a week i am a carer and on the go all the time when i get home all i want to do is sleep i have my good days so i must be thankful for that but i just want to no whats going on x

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  • I am sorry you are going through all this penney. You need answers and you need them fast. Make an appointment with your doctor before Christmas if you can. x

  • hi

    I try I will ring them up on Monday and thank you x

  • I do hope you get some answers very soon and coughalot is right, please try and see your GP as soon as you can. Good luck to you. xxx

  • hi

    I will and thank you x

  • As the above have said you need to see a GP at the very least. I feel for you I was like that in my last job I was tired at work and once I had eaten I slept the rest of the day. it took the weekend to get me up enough to start the week. The waking gasping could be Sleep Apnoea something else that needs to be looked at. I have episodes but not enough for treatment.

    Be Well

  • hi

    yeah I no what you mean when I eat I just want to sleep I was with a servicer user they were talking to me all I heard was are you all right I snap out of it and said yes and told him I was just thinking I will look into that sleep apnoea I am ring the doctor on Monday thanks x

  • Hi Penney, You have a very busy job - to some extent I am thinking no wonder you are tired all the time! I would advise that you ring BLF helpline a call: 03000 030555 9-5 Mon-Fr. The nurses will be able to help you and advise you. Also please go and see your doctor and ask the doctor what he/she thinks. Lots of love TAD xx

  • hi

    thanks for the number I will give them a ring on Monday and I will ring the doctors as well thanks again x

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