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Went to Newcastle yesterday for my one day accessment. I had loads of tests done then it was my time to meet Dr lordan. They want me to go back asap hopefully take a cancellation for the 4 day accessment and hopefully if all the tests go well I will be put straight on the active list. I wasn't expecting what I was told. Everyone in my house now have to have a flu injection as the slightest infection could take my life. Has anyone on here been through a transplant and can help me.

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  • Wow that's exciting news Michelle....Good luck with you next assessment

  • The best of luck with your assessment xxx

  • It's scary I have 3 young kids and I'm only 39

  • yes i should imagine it would be scary michelle, there would be no hiding that,, but i wish i could get one :) im sure youll be fine, and reap the benefits later, best of luck michelle, kindest thoughts jimmy xxx

  • The good thing about being so young is that you most probably will handle the op and recovery better than an older person..

    I don't know why you are so ill so young, but I saw you were on oxygen...and the best chance I think you have to ever lead a 'normal' life again is a transplant

    I know several older people that had big transplants over 25 yrs ago and still are alive man I knew had a pigs heart transplanted 25 yrs ago and he only died last year, and he was over 85 yrs old...

    Operating techniques have improved so much since then.....I can understand that you are scared and nervous....but also you are lucky that you are being offered this option for a new life.

    I also think that the whole procedure will be explained to you at length so that you can make an informed choice.

    Go through all your options...but once you have decided., if it is to proceed with the op .then put yourself in their hands and stop worrying.......If you decide not to proceed at this time.....then I am sure you may get another opportunity later if your condition deteriorates.

    I personally would go for the op, especially if I was already on O2 at age 39

    Do let us all know how things continue for you

    Love Sohara

  • Lovely reply Sohara. I echo it and send warm wishes to you Michelle :)

  • Thank you everyone i know I have to go through the transplant it scary but I will get through it

  • Hi Michelle

    I hope you will hear from someone who has had a transplant, there must be lots of success stories out there and just what you need to hear. I imagine the doctors wouldn't do it unless they considered you had a very good chance of a good outcome. they don't waste their expertise and time on hopeless cases. As Sohara says being young is a tremendous advantage. what a wonderful reason you have to get well, think of the years of happiness you have ahead of you with your young children, Kids are wonderful, and full of good advice!

    wishing you all the very best

    . Iris x

  • I can only echo all of the above. Kind thoughts are with you. With love Sheila Xx

  • Hi Michelle I understand your fear and having 3 young children as well I have not had a lung transplant but I know your in the best hands at Newcastle the hospital and care are second to none my daughter lives near the hospital good luck I hope all goes well and enjoy Christmas with the children

  • Hi Michelle I was on ward 29 on Wed/Thur, they really are a dedicated team are they not. I had a four day assessment 6 mths ago but was found not quite ill enough to go on the active list however my body has taken such a battering since then I am now too ill to survive the surgery. my advice to you would be to take no risks, any little thing has the potential to affect selection, exercise regularly, eat well stay positive and see your doctor for even the smallest of problems. All the very best of luck.

  • Wonderful news - stay positive and I wish you all the very best. xx

  • Sounds like your really getting the fast track treatment Michelle so I hope you get your 2nd assessment soon and get yourself on that list ASAP. In the mean time keep ducking and diving those winter infections, I've got one trying to bring me down at the moment but I'm not letting it get hold. I Got my 3 monthly transplant check up next week so I want to be as fit as possible for that.

    Every things crossed for you Michelle to come and join me on the list. :) xxxx Tony

  • Thank you everyone for your kind words. IF all the tests go well I've decided to go on the list. As it will be my second chance of life with my kids xxx

  • Hi dallo what do they do with the second accessment. I've decided if it's offered me I will go in the list. Hope your feeling better soon xx

  • Mallygillgundogs so sorry to hear. What was the ward like xx

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