bills reply

thank you every body for your kind wishes . I am a bit carmer today . they let me out of bed today today. had a poo first time since Wednesday .surprising how a little thing like that cheers you.the rest of today is just having all the family in and relaxing ready for tomorrow. doctors rounds between 9 and 11 . shall let all know how it gos .love to all

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  • So pleased your feeling a bit better. Keep up the good work.

  • Glad you're feeling better. Make the most of the rest. x

  • sounds good bill, your getting there now, ,, theres nothing like a good poo, when you haven't for a while :D

    look forward to see your recovery,, best wishes,, jimmy :)

    p,s go again tomorrow if you can :D

  • Sending you lots of good wishes. I will be watching for your posts :) Take good care of yourself.....:) :) :)

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