I'm involved in an NIHR clinical trial for a device to reduce the symptoms of severe asthma - but we need more participants! :(

Hi all,

I sit on the steering committee as an independent member/patient rep for a wonderful severe asthma clinical trial funded by the National Institute for Health Research in the UK for a new treatment device for patients with allergic asthma that might help to reduce the frequency of asthma attacks.

But we need more patients! I've offered to help drum up support - you can read more about the trial here - asthma-treatment.org.uk/ and it details all the info you need to see if you meet the criteria for the trial.

It's a device rather than another medication, so I think would be really interesting for people who feel that their medications are just not helping sometimes.

There are centres recruiting all over England and to date we have 44 out of the 222 needed so far. But we need to get lots more to make the trial work and figure out if the device is really beneficial or not.

Many thanks


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  • Thank you for this info, I had seen about it online and I did the eligibility test and been thinking about it since then, but if it's a device rather than medication I really would be up for that.

  • I sit on the trial steering committee as an independent member / patient representative - one of the things that most attracted me to do this was how novel it was and that it wasn't another tablet or inhaler, I'm really looking forward to the results of the trial - give it a go, there are more trial sites opening up around the country to help with recruitment...

    Best wishes


  • Done it! I sent the email, it's not the one I thought it was lol. Must be the season for Asthma trials.

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