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Holiday Chosen, Travel insurance not!

Some of you may have seen the nightmare I have had trying to get travel insurance to Spain.

I called Saga and they firstly refused to even look at me because I cancelled a house insurance renewal? Talk about throwing your dummy out of the pram! I got a far cheaper quote from Tesco. However after a rant from me. I went though all the ailments, I forgot I had so many? We got to are you having any further treatment or appointments with specialists, I said yes to then be told sorry we will not insure you then until they are done/finished!

I called another that was recommended by the PH Association as a company that will insure people with PH. A lovely lady answered and we started the process Started with the PH You guessed it "What is that?" She did find it on the list in the end and we went on to each ailments one by one with very in depth sub questions for each. All was going well when I got though three quarters and she said " Sorry It has flagged up that we have passed the insurable limit so we cannot quote?" , "We have a sister company that will possible give you a quote as they work in a different way to us" She took all my ailments down and said that she will pass it on and they will call back with an answer one way or the other?

So in the mean time I called a few more to be refused or offered it with conditions at an average of £1600.00 for the 2 weeks!

Well to their word they called me back and offered the cheapest quote of the day. The cheapest had a very high excess so was not such a bargain the second price was £800.00 slight cheaper excess the third £1000.00 better excess and higher total limits.

Well when my wife came in from work and I went though the day and the quotes she said why don't we just stay in the UK and have a nice hotel. So we found a 4* hotel/spa in Torquay booked it for a week and will stay in a 4* in Bristol to break the journey at the start and end.

UK 1 - Insurance companies 0

Be Well

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Hi I dont know if this will be of any help, but me and my hubby have just been to Benidorm for 10 days and we both have several health probs, both COPD plus others and my hubby is 74. We got very good cover from EHIC insurance, as long as you have your EHIC card they will insure you, and it is very cheap Good Luck Julia

They refused me! the card is fine but there have been cases were they have refused non Spanish people in their NHS equivalent. I think the fact of being told not to fly has put me off as that would of been my quick route home.

Hello, please could you help. Are you saying there is an EHIC insurance company separate to the EHIC card. I do have the EHIC card, but didn't realise about the insurance company. Would love to clarify this for future reference, as have managed to get Safesure for this year. Also have you any idea how you find out what specific things the EHIC card will cover you for in different countries?

Thanks barnowl

EHIC covers you for emergency treatment only - and provides you with treatment charged at the same rate as a local - which may not be free.

The EHIC replaced the old E111 in 2006. The card is not an alternative to travel insurance. It does not cover private medical healthcare or costs such as mountain rescue in ski resorts, being flown back to the UK, or lost or stolen property. It is important to have both an EHIC and a valid private travel insurance policy. Some insurers now insist you hold an EHIC, and many will waive the excess if you have one.

Hi I had the same problem years ago when I wanted to visit my siste in Calpe The wanted me too pay £800 then so I didn't go Take care


I would understand if you have been in hospital in the last few years. I think the PH has been the killer for me.

Oh I live in Torquay Offcut. Would love to meet up with you both if you would like to. x

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sounds like a plan see you next year :)

I don't blame you Offcut. Staying in the UK is a good idea and that is exactly what Pete and I do. We take the Warner breaks from time to time and get good deals on them too. Good luck to you and your wife when you go to Torquay. Their gain is Spains loss.

if the weather is good you cannot beat blighty.

Thanks Offcut. That leaves me out. Won't be traveling abroad in any hurry in the future!

Did so want to go to Canada again but insurance would be prohibitive if they are charging that for Spain. Like yourself and so many others, our traveling days are over except for the British Isles.

Sill it's a beautiful place! Take care.



I do have seeing the northern lights on my bucket list :(

top ten places to see the Northern Lights in Scotland

They are well worth the effort Offcut!

I hope you and your better half have a lovely time and the weather is good

Change is were the tonic is I think.

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