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Been searching for the members lists because I wanted to see what people from long ago are still around, even if not posting, but can't find it. I also looked at my profile which says I have been a member for 2 years but I know I have been around longer than that! Is that because they have altered the site (not for the better) a few times over the past few years. Keep smiling

Carole x

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  • Hi, I have been trying to do the same...I would like to know if people who have posted in the past are still members.

  • Hi

    Go to home page.

    A list of new members can be found on right hand side of page. You can also search for members if you know their user name .

  • They used to have complete lists of members without having to search. That way easier to look for forgotten names. Hi, Carole October, nice to hear. Agree nice to look for old friends but there are great people to get to know. Sit down, Huggs!!!! Just for one.

  • I'm still here. You win my poetry competition which I ran helped by the wonderful King of the Cocktails.

    Keep smiling

    Dozy :) xxx

  • Ahh Richard. God bless his soul x

  • Hi Caroleoctober, how are you doing? It is so good to see your name on here again. Do post again and let us know how things are for you. Wishing you well and take care. xxxx

  • Nice to see your name up again Carole. I think you can find them by using the search bar. Sometimes their names come up in the 'old posts' window below.

    Yes, I miss people too. I think they are just hibernating because from time to time their names pop up - just like you did! :)

  • Hi Carole, nice to see you back, hope you are keeping well.

    polly xx

  • Hello again Carole ! :)

  • Hi Carole,

    Still here I dip in and read the comments every day or so, if I can help I post a reply, like you I have been with the site since it started many years ago, but they still record as 2 years since they started the new site! many of the old members got fed up with the changes and left, now 27 years since being diagnosed severe COPD/Emphysema, have been recorded very severe stage 4 at one point and told to put my affairs in order, however they now seem to think I have back pedalled into stage 3 severe again. It just goes to show what a positive attitude can do!

    Heart started to pack up about 3 years ago, but I intend to be around for years yet.

    Best Regards,


  • Hi Robert You have no idea how much you have listed my spirits - what do you do (apart from having a positive attitude) that helps you maintain and improve your health for all those years? I would love to know.

    Kind Regards Jay

  • Sorry about the delay only dip in every day or two, I do the following nothing magical:

    I am on oxygen 24/7 and have been for several years:

    1 Keep away from gatherings of people they carry germs, and I always carry First Defence it works for me.

    2 Go out as much as I can with portable oxygen concentrator, I am now on

    3 Have lots of interests and hobbies, so I am busy all the time.

    4 I control my illness, I do not allow the Doctor to do it, he knows I will research whatever he is suggesting and will come up with facts! I am a retired Dean and Professor so it is easy for me.

    5 When I have an exacerbation I refuse to go in hospital and insist on home care.

    6 Besides my daily medication which I never miss, I take a good multivitamin and a 1000 Garlic tablet and high dose vitamin D.

    7 Never feel sorry for myself I caused my illness by smoking and did not listen to others so it is my fault.

    8 Do not allow my illness to define me, I adjust to do the things I want.

    As I said Jay nothing magical these are the things which work for me although I have had the illness for many years I am now well into my 70's my COPD penpal of many many years lived until she was 96 I intend to have a target of beating that, my Doctors and Consultant would say I am very ill, but I always bounce back.

    Stay positive Jay.

    Best Regards,


  • Hello Robert,

    Like you I was diagnosed very severe stage 4 but not told to put my affairs in order.....that was about six years ago and still going strong. I had an exacerbation 2 and half years ago and came out of hospital on oxygen, and back in September the fluid started gathering around my heart and lungs (I think they call it heart failure but I don't like that term) but after upping my water tablets I am fine again, the only drawback being if I want to go out for the day I have to be up at 6am to take them to be able to go out at ten. If that is all I have to do I don't mind.....mobility scooter or car I still go out nearly every day, 72 going on 50 ;-D Keep smiling

    Carole x

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