I don't often post something but I do check in everyday and 'stalk' all your threads-they've given me so much guidance with these conditions( copd&bronchiectasis) I wanted to ask you helpful people what you do when you go on a flight? The air conditioning , according to some circulates and therefore with the air it circulates all those lovely bugs and germs that the captives have coughed,spluttered or sneezed out. What do you do to avoid breathing them in? I wore a mask on my last flight but it's very hot ag nd uncomfortable. Any better suggestions?

Thought you might like a picture of these bad boys-recently acquired!

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  • don't know about flying but LOVE the Bad Boys :) :) :)

  • I won't fly. Air airliners have a pressurised cabin with circulating air. They can't open a window as it would lose all the oxygen. It has to be filtered and re - circulated. This isn't an opinion it is the way civil aircraft work. Military aircraft crews fly with masks and a tanks of oxygen.

    Breathing bacteria and viral germs is the risk you take when you fly. This is how many pandemics spread. People get off one plane at a hub and then cross infect the next plane full of passengers.


  • Thanks for your thoughts on thus.

  • Can't help you, I'm afraid, as I'm not allowed to fly, but I do love your bad boys, they're gorgeous x

  • Hi PixieDixie! They are gorgeous aren't they. They are brothers 15 weeks old and very myschevious but very loveable. X

  • Ive been ok when I've flown daffodil. Probably sheer luck. But next time Im going to use First Defence spray which is anti-viral, sold in Boots and is quite highly thought of by GPs. You can take it at the first sign of virus, and also when you are going to be in crowded situations or knowingly around infection. Worth a try i'd say.

    Cute bad boys ;)

  • Thanks O2Trees. I use it all the time. I think it works!

  • Sorry don't know anything about flying but my husband and I do use First Defense and it does seem to be successful for the most part. It suggests to start using it 24 hours before going into the situation you are concerned about and the same once the situation is past. I absolutely love your bad boys, they are beautiful, take care.

  • Hello thebrowns10. Thanks for response. My bad boys are 15 week old brothers called Fred and Barney!

  • Lovely pic' Daffodil, as for flying? I fly often because my Grandson is cabin staff and I get my flights for £20. I've had COPD/Bronchiectasis all of my life and I can't say that it's ever affected me! The newer planes now have air drawn in from the outside and not recirculated, so it's a lot healthier than it used to be. Let's be honest, if we thought too much about bugs and germs we wouldn't go outside our own front door!

  • You lucky so and so! Flights for £20! I think I'm extra cautious about bugs on flights because my last flare up was particularly bad-ICU for 7days and my consultant thought I may have picked up virus on flight that went straight to lungs. I have flown since but wearing a mask which I look a right pleb in and it also restricts the drinking of a g and t! I agree about being too paranoid about germs!

  • I have been advised not to fly now. But there are a few treatments that you spray up your nose I think. Hand cleaning is a big thing to do to stop infections anti bacteria gel would help.

    Be well

  • Thanks for response Offcut. I use first defense up my nose every day. And do use hand gel.nso think I'm taking as many precautions as possible.

  • Awwwwww,two bundles of mischief,lovely

  • Having this knowledge we decided to take a cruise last February to the Caribbean. If you remember the weather was very stormy and so we were confined to the ship for several days. They too have air conditioning and it cannot be turned off even in your own cabin. I boarded that ship (P&O) in Southampton

    in mid February. I was able to walk 4 times around the prom deck equaling over a mile. Slow but steady. When I left the ship mid March I was offered a wheel chair due to my severe difficulty in walking anywhere!!! Lots of passengers had been infected by a respiratory bug via the air conditioning but having COPD of course it brought me down quickly while most passengers recovered within days. Its now November and I am still trying to recover from that virus. Other than for a few weeks in the summer I have been using antibiotics and steroids ever since our trip and can only walk a very short distance still.

    So can we escape Air Con at all? Its all a gamble. We spent all our money on the trip of a life time cruise so it is not a question we need to ask again but pity its left me in a poorly state. Take care.

  • Thanks for response. Poor you! That's awful! I think your post makes the point though so maybe wearing my mask isn't such a bad choice.

    Take care and get well soon x

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