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Thought The Sky Had Fallen In!

Almost a week we've been without the internet and honestly the withdrawal symptoms were awful...I was going all over twitchy, so I was.

It was a major fault they said...couldn't be fixed over the weekend of course and then the nice engineer man came out and climbed up poles and untangled wires and went home for the night and came back and put some of the wires together and it still didn't work.

Himself saw him up the pole again this morning and told him he has a disabled wife and could he please mend whatever was broken sooner rather than later, then rushed home and told me to look I plugged myself into the oxygen and tried to look sort of more pathetic than usual...

Engineer called a few minutes later and said it was done...fixed...mended.

And he was I have an inbox over-flowing with e-mails and several days to catch up with the course I'm doing and all the questions and queries on here to read and I'm ever so happy!

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" Awe! vashti. I have just read your post regarding you being without your internet. Gosh!! the very thought of not having mine sends shivers down my spine...( not nice shiver's either ) I would be totally lost without mine sounds very dramatic what I am going to say next, but! be like having my heart cut out. Hehehe well just a tad dramatic maybe. I'd be so lost though with out it. I am so happy that yours is now up and running. Happy interneting .. Megan ;)" was horrible!! Though my desk is neat and tidy and the cooker positively sparkles from

oh I have so missed you and 'himself' and a day in the life - please start some more :) :) :)

Thank you ever so much eyes...I'll do my best!

Love it !!! Good to see you again Vashti and to know you're ok...Lovelight x

Thank you Lovelight....!

I never thought the day would come when I said I would miss having a computer and being online as I am just so helpless at it all. BUT when I had that Windows scam a few weeks ago and had to wait for my computer to be cleared of was a nightmare! I forgot how convenient it is for me to pay bills, talk to friends, order my groceries to be delivered to the door, etc., etc.....perhaps I have moved into the 21st century after all :) Hope your computer behaves itself :)

It'd better was a very traumatic

so glad to hear all was put right in the end, now you'll need to spend ages catching up on all your e mails,, and adverts lol :) great to see your lovely posts again,, jimmy

Amazing how stuff mounts up Jimmy isn't it?

aye your so right there vashti, i was in hosp for 7 days, some time ago, when i put the old computer on,, my goodness :D you'd think i was away for 6 months ,, i couldn't believe it ,, a case of delete, delete, see later, delete delete etc etc,,, i never knew i was so popular with b and q lol :) take care vashti,, jimmy xxx

Thank goodness it was only that vashti. I have really missed your posts as they always make me laugh. You could rewrite the telephone book and I would still laugh. That's a proper gift you have there chuck! :) x

I can't expire yet awhile...too much to

Kind words Coughalot....thank you!

So pleased you got your internet sorted vashti. I am addicted to on line Scrabble playing 6 games at once, just logged on only to be told that 'Scrabble is not available because of a dispute with a third party contributor.

I am totally gutted, what am I going to do without it, my brain will cease up , I have lots of books to read but they are not workouts for the brain.

six games...all at once? Good heavens...I struggle with just the one! Hope the site comes back on for you very soon...or you could try one of the cross-word sites perhaps?

It's back on vashti, breathe, breathe and happy again . I do like cross words also but not on line ones.x

where do you find Scrabble???????

You have to have a Face book account, search for Mattel Scrabble and follow the leads for signing up to Scrabble......I think this how I did it,years ago though.

thanks :)

When we moved house before the one We are in now. There was a back log for BB in the area so we had to wait. So I connected my old Modem to the phone and at least we got www for info and emails. After a couple of days my wife wanted to see something on web? My mobile phone rang and she said the webs broken! she told me the picture is not all the way down the screen yet. Once I explained we are not on BB yet and this is the best we can have for now. She came back with "Ahh I see why you want it now!" she did not use the pc at all until I had BB in and thought the connection was normal for everyone.

When I moved into the house we are in this year I looked for the open WIFI and connected at 2 mb while I waited for my superfast BB to be fitted. Kept me sane!

Be Well

At least you know what you're

Isnt it strange how much we rely on the internet now - I even have to rely on it to turn on my heating! I love the fact you had to look more disabled than usual - I have used that trick with my husband a couple of times!! Glad to hear all is well and you have lots to catch up on, take care, lots of love TAD xx

It's my life-line to the outside world...but I did clean the cooker while the internet was off!

Clean the cooker? Wash your mouth out with soap young lady! :d x

Don't know how you survived, mine was off for 2 hrs last week didn't know what to do with myself.

polly xx

It was touch and go Polly...touch and go!

Hi Vashtri, I told my son recently, that I don't know how I'd cope without the internet. He agreed but, I also don't recall being bored without it either. When mine went down for a couple of days I was so lost that if my laptop plays up a bit, I go into meltdown, lol.

Just re-read all these posts. Are we daft or what??? :)

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