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World COPD Day 2014 activities

Just over a week to go until this year’s World COPD Day (19 November 2014), the theme of which is ‘Living with COPD’: encouraging people affected by COPD to take control of the disease and live fuller, more active lives.

We felt a day wasn’t enough to raise awareness of this disease so we will be sharing blogs, videos and photos from tomorrow leading up to WCOPD Day.

If you are affected by COPD and are taking control of your disease please help inspire others by posting a photo of the things you still love to do on our Facebook wall or email us at


Melanie from the BLF

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Just tried to access the face book web site by clicking on the link, it gives me a thump with a plaster saying the site is broken or down?

David 1968


Not sure how to do the things Melanie suggests, but have put a comment on facebook. I am sure our local breathease group will be doing things to publicise the illness and raise awareness.


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