Can the last person to leave turn the lights off?

This is slightly off topic but I will start with my breathing call first. I am due to see my lung consultant soon December 2014 but I have been waiting for a PR and Sleep Apnoea test. To Date I have not heard from either! So onto the phone called the consultants secretary to see if she can get it sorted? After a bit of faffing about by the call centre I get an answer machine message saying she will not be there until Tuesday leave a message. So I then rang my solicitor to talk about the probate for my Late Mother to have the same? So while my phone was in hand I would call my other solicitor who dealt with my own house sale but has not answered a covenant issue they are reportedly sorting out! you got it not there! Never wanting to have a blank I then Rang the solicitor that is dealing with my late mothers house sale. Yes you guessed it not there but the secretary told me the forms were sent days ago. Only problem was they forgot to put a stamp on it and would not deliver unless I paid them £1.53 first. By this time I thought I will get my boiler serviced after calling the land line and 2 mobile numbers and leaving messages on all still not had a reply! I could feel "Phone Frenzy" bubbling and the phone rang. It was my electric fire manufacturer asking if he could come on Monday to see if they can get the fire effect to work. agreed that the morning would be fine and put the phone down. A positive at last!!

A few minutes later he called again to say sorry not there Monday will come on Tuesday!

On Monday Would the last person to Leave turn the lights off?

Be Well

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  • "Oh Dear!! Offcut.....what can one say except Oh Dear... have a lovely weekend though. Megan"

  • I did have few words buy best kept to myself ;)

  • I feel your stress! (((HUG)))

  • It is a crazy world!

  • I know how you feel Offcut. "I don't believe it" as Victor Meldrew would say. I will be manning the phones on Monday as we still have no appointment for Pete's angiogram or back op. I do hope someone will be there. The Consultant who is doing the back seems to be on a permanent holiday so let's hope he is back in on Monday. Take care and stay well. Hope your problems get sorted soon. xxx

  • I am having that problem with one of my solicitors and the secretary cannot view her work email when she is not there ??

  • Hi Offcut sorry life is being so difficult for you. It's bad enough trying to cope with illness without being hassled by life as well isn't it? Hope things pick up soon. Breatheasy x

  • There is always something ready to kick you in the teeth!

  • Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear ..........sooooo sorry you are having all this stress. Sending you lots of good wishes :) :)

  • Thank you.

  • Life really is a b**ch sometimes. Hope things improve without your BP going stratospheric.

  • Hi Offcut,

    I sympathise with you, been there (many times) It's bad enough speaking to a lifeless machine but worse nobody ever calls you back ........! Then you have to start over again a few days later.


  • Hi Offcut,

    I sympathise with you, been there (many times) It's bad enough speaking to a lifeless machine but worse nobody ever calls you back ........! Then you have to start over again a few days later.


  • Hi Offcut I also dealt with my late mums estate I contacted British gas and told them I was dealing with the estate they asked me to send them a copy of the death certificate and a few other papers 6 went by and nothing so I phoned them oh yes said a lady on the phone we sent your mother a cheque to her address work that one out they are no all in the funny farm

  • When I tried to call British gas to let them know I could not because I could not find her account number to be put me through. I could tell them everything but it wanted me to key the number in first before it would allow me to speak to a human?

  • Consider yourself lucky I got through to someone with a pulse and they sent mom who had passed away a cheque I did ask if she had cashed it mom would of seen the funny side

  • When my mother in law passed away about 6 moths after thought we had sorted everything we found some old share certificates and were not sure if they were active? So I called them and got a pleasant young man on the other end. So I explained that these were found and are part of my deceased mother in law's belongings. But we are not sure if they are active or been cashed in at any point? ( not knowing then that the bottom slip was missing)

    Well the man said "I need to speak to Mrs XXXXXX before I can divulge that information?" I am afraid I did lose it a bit and state " What part of deceased did you not understand?" Only to get the reply "It is company policy!" I added " So you will not give me the information unless you speak to a person that has passed away over 7 months ago by Passed away I mean Dead!" You could hear the penny drop with a thud and a little pause to be told no these were cashed in on the XXXXXXXXX. Our future does not look good.

  • I got 130.00 off British gas to stay with them but you couldn't wright this

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