If you shout loud enough

Some of you read my last post ( healthunlocked.com/blf/post.... )and I thank you all again for the support and positive thoughts.

I wanted to share this with you all, I received a phone call from a Dr on the Palliative Care Team, never met him as yet and part of the phone call was about getting my care transferred to the new hospital along with all my other problems, cancer, COPD, Heart Failure, etc.

During the phone call I lost my temper and really took a lot out on this poor Dr, I told him at 57 and having survived 2 different types of cancer, fought through and survived 6 weeks in ICU and being on a breathing machine ( tracheotomy ) for the whole 6 weeks I didn't think my Respiratory Consultant had the right to refuse me the chance of a double transplant now. I ranted and raved about the poor treatment I had received from various consultants at his hospital, I shouted about my 2 GP's and the misdiagnosis that had gone on for 14 months, and I told him he might be from Palliative Care and very good at his job but I wasn't ready to go on the scrap heap and give up just because of 1 consultant refusing any chances of transplants. I told him about getting second opinions and transferring to another hospital, I ranted about my lack of faith and trust in Dr's & so called specialists who had failed to recognise and treat my real problems, but I did end up calming down and offering him my sincere apologies as it wasn't his fault and having not even met with him it was unfair to off load all my anger on him.

So yesterday I get a letter from the Respiratory Consultant, it 's a copy of a letter/request he has sent to a Transplant Consultant at Freeman's asking if I can be considered for going on the list for a double transplant.

New hope, maybe ? It's at least the first step in the right direction so a rant in some ears does change things, add new perspectives and make some people sit up and take note. I'm a long way from getting on any lists yet and there is a good chance I will be refused a place on the list but for now there is new life in me, a reason to keep fighting and a dim spark of a possible light in the dark.

I was so down the other day when I posted, and all your support and prayers might just have given a spark to the flame.

Keep it up folks, you all can work miracles sometimes even if you didn't know it . THANK YOU


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  • Good stuff Peter . :)

  • Hi Peter, brilliant news for you. Having worked for the NHS for 36yrs now retired it saddens me to hear and read stories of dismissive GP's . Hope all goes well for you, take care Lucy

  • Hi peter, that's brilliant, a step in the right direction anyway . I agree a rant sometimes does the trick shame it has to come to that but hey it worked in ur favour. Take care x Sonia x

  • Well done you, that took so much strength, good luck with it all xxxx

  • Good luck and hugs x

  • WELL DONE! There is always hope and you have worked miracles in coming to the point where you are noticed and included in the choices.. I cannot praise you enough... I wish you get everything you are needing...

  • Good luck mate ,hope all goes well

  • So pleased to see the old fight is back Peter Take care


  • Well done Peter. They are taking notice now. Make sure you do your part as well keep faith. xxx

  • Hi peter, I know its so frustrating when you have to get cross, no way should it be that way, I'm in a similar situation myself with my doc I saw last week. Whilst nowhere as serious as yours I have to say, I saw my doc on tue, I asked some questions about my copd situation, went through meds, she's put me on steroids now and anti biotics so I do feel better on them. But she said I'll have to see my supervisor about your other questions. 1) was what stage of copd am I and 2) can you refer me to a PR clinic, she said when I've seen my supervisor I'll ring you, well she rang me yesturday tea time, and she abruptly said you'll get a letter through about PR clinic then hung up, so I only got sorted out on one of my questions and left feeling shocked and very let down by this, I'm so pleased that there is still hope out there for you, its just such a pity anger has to come out to be heard tho, I think your a marvelous inspiration to us here, and I wish you well, and pray you get your double bipass, love to you Angie. Xxx

  • Way to go Peter very best of luck x

  • So pleased there is light at the end of the tunnel and things proceed they way you want, keep fighting, good luck, erme

  • Well done and congratulations, Peter. All the best wishes for everything xx

  • So pleased to read about your glimmer of hope Peter and hope that glimmer turns into a shining light and you do get your double transplant. You do have fight left in you so good luck for the future. Wishing you well. xxxxx

  • YEAH the fighting spirit is back!!!!! The very best of everything xxxx

  • Good for you.. ...go boy go.

    Fingers crossed it works out well.


  • YEAH GO PETER !!!!!

    You rock man...

    and now I will wait until I see the post that you do on this site in a couple of years time to some poor person who has 'given up hope' saying that you were only given a short time to live...but that you have outlived all the pessimistic predictions given by the doctors

    It can be done...it HAS been done....while there is still life there is hope...and hope carries us through many a bad patch

    So happy to read your post this morning

    Lots of love Sohara xxxxx

  • Well Done. It took me over 2 years to get my Lung investigated further and 10 years to get them to accept that my heart problems are not the cause to all my problems even though it does not help! I have had breathing problems from infant school?

    My Thoughts are with you and have as many rants as you want it needs to be said sometimes.

    Be Well

  • you directed your anger in a positive way - folk need to be heard and I do hope and keep my fingers crossed that you hear soon about transplants.

  • Fight the good fight man...

  • I knew you wouldn't just roll over - well done!! Forget the despair and doubt of your previous post, it's in the past, done and dusted. New battle lines have been drawn, and if you need reinforcements call on us;

    so pleased for you Peter, keep on keeping on.

  • So very pleased for you. Wow - I wouldn't like to have been on the receiving end of that diatribe, but you must have felt so much better afterwards. Good for you - hope things keep improving for you.

  • Hi Peter

    So glad to hear theres some hope, thats all we need sometimes is just a grain of hope that will do..!

    Your right this is a great supportive site I told them their all like little guardian angels helping each other wonderfull what support can do 'Miracles'

    Best off luck with the transplant


  • Well Peter seems you are not ready to quit yet, and looks like there is still some hope for you . That is good news at least you may get a chance at another option. Sorry I only paid a fleeting visit to the posts and have only just come back to see your reply. Good luck and every best wish from myself.

  • Go Peter go ! Glad you didn't let the bar*****ds grinned you down !

  • Well done and Good Luck for the future.

  • Rant on, Peter! It often works!

  • Have my fingers crossed for you and wishing you best wishes and good luck - keep fighting xx

  • Good on you Peter. Where there is life there is hope. I really hope you manage to get what you need. x

  • Onward and upward Peter,you did well to claw it back in the end with the apology.I wish you the very best of luck,but luck should,nt even come into it should it?Regards D.

  • Hey! sounds a positive step - good luck!! I will be watching your posts to see how things are going for you :)

  • Good for you ,some gps are so tired and unhealthy looking ,I was worried about the Dr.he looked I'll to me,over worked,too many patients on their lists, really somthing has to be done about Dr in surgeries, can't go on like this.

  • Good for you ,some gps are so tired and unhealthy looking ,I was worried about the Dr.he looked I'll to me,over worked,too many patients on their lists, really somthing has to be done about Dr in surgeries, can't go on like this.

  • Well done some of these Dr's think they are God and from time to time they need a kick up the rear end

  • Blooming good for you and all the very best wishes for the future. P xxx

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