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Pleurisy effusion and empyema

My dad was diagnose with pluerisy effusion and empyema. He had surgery and took a lot of anti biotic. I am wondering if my dad will be able to go back as he is before the surgery?? He is home now, still recovering but i can still see he weak and loss a lot of weight. He's able to eat now, and trying all his best to do what the doctor say ( lung exercise, walking etc). I hope he will be able to do what he like to before the diagnosis :(

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Hi Andrea that's a difficult one to answer, if urs dads had surgery and all went well , then with good nutrition and following the surgeons/doctors advice I don't see why things wouldn't improve for him, I don't wish to put a damper on things but personally I wouldn't like to say to much as everyone is undividual and respond to meds and surgery differently, but I can offer my best wishes. Take care x Sonia x

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Thank you ms sonia. Yes we serve him nutritous food. And i make sure that he is attending all doctor's appt. I just we start seeing him back to normal again . Thank you again


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