Any mothers old remedies out their ???

Hi all - I've had a dry hacking cough (not chest infection or cold) just part of my condition. The problem is once I start coughing I end up in a coughing fit. When you cough you use muscles and muscles use oxygen and as I am only transferring approx 50% of the oxygen I should into my body i use most of it up coughing to the point of nearly blacking out :( I am awaiting to see a specialist, but was wondering if anyone out there had home remedies to ease the cough, honey and water and menthol chewing gum are easing it a bit but it is causing me chronic fatigue due to shortage of oxygen in my body. Ironically I have a large set of lungs (due to my sporty past) but just can't transfer oxygen into my body !! :(

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  • I would like to know too please? x

  • I get Kilkof lozenges from the chemist that help me.

  • Eyes -I've never heard of kilkof lozenges will have to have a look for them :) (or should I say send the wife out looking :P) :D

  • :D they are good at getting rid of my cough :)

  • have you tried Vicks vapour rub? I suck Hall's lozenges and they seem to help. Hope you get lots of suggestions, so we can try them all! Good luck :)

  • Hi Lou .... Have tried all sorts of propriety stuff and nothing seems to work but thanks for reply :)

  • Although I rarely cough I use Halls very strong lozenges to help keep my lungs clear. They are more expensive than the normal ones but have a strong kick to them.

  • Cheers Puff I've tried all sorts of lozenges :( but thanks for reply :)

  • They are in a black pack.

  • French Toast! More specifically, greasy french toast helps stop my coughing bouts, if the problem is in my throat that is, but if it's in my lungs, then I have to use steam with olbas oils. As a kid I remember my great Nan putting kaolin poultices on our chests, but can't remember if they helped, only that they burned like nothing on earth!

  • Cheers Pixie :) Definitely in the throat if I'm in steamy areas like bathrooms that sets me off coughing :( .... will give toast a try :D

  • Does your French toast mean the same as mine? Bread dipped in egg and fried???????

  • That's the one!

  • Just can't imagine it helping with coughing! - will definitely try it!!! :)

  • I'm not too sure of the how's and why's, but it helps me :)

  • I like French Toast so it will be no trouble me trying it for coughing fits :) :) :)

  • Sorry plumbob didnt see this post ,I asked how you were in yer funnies post :0 .

    I do all what the others have suggested with the odd swig of covonia Original when the tickle wont go. :) Janexx

  • No prob Longlungs...... I tried Covonia (and similar) but drank that much I started asking for Caaavoooonnnnia :) Doesn't sound that funny when you write it down :P :D :D

  • hi plumbob, sorry to hear of that horrible cough, i swallowed bits of raw garlic about the size of a pea [you wont taste it lol] i have actually taken garlic water!!!,,,[i don't have many friends :) ] theres not many can take this!!!!, :D but a clove of garlic left in water overnight, then sipped it all day!!! i can hear you saying yuk :D , this along with manuka honey, the 24+ stuff, i believe helped my ripping cough exactly as you describe...i got to the stage i would try anything :)

    hope you get some relief whatever you try,, best regards jimmy

  • Cheers Jimmy it reminds me when I was at school and spread a rumor that a smoking detection device was coming to the school on a particular date and the only way you could beat it was by eating strong raw onions on the morning before :P ......Assembly stunk of onions that much every body's eyes were watering :D :D :D .... always been a practical joker... but it did get me the cane :( LOL

  • ha ha ha :D :D maybe should have rubbed onions on your hands :D aye happy days lol,, we got the leather belt here in scotland, i think i was a bit like you lol,,, jimmy

  • My lovely old mum told me that when one of my brothers had whooping cough she boiled up some snails and gave him the juice to drink, apparently it did the trick and stopped the coughing, don't suppose you fancy that idea. She also used to rub dandelion milk (the juice from the stalk) on warts, and this worked too. xx

  • Cheers chopsticks but think I will give that one a miss :P Maybe it was the thought of drinking boiled snail juice that stopped your brother coughing :P :D :D

  • Hi plumbob, I suffer bad coughing bouts, I always carry Tyrozets, bought over counter at chemist, they contain mild anaesthetic and low antibiotic, I always suck them as far back in the throat as poss,

    (be careful not to swallow while they are whole), I find they help me especially at night when the cough seems to taunt me.

    Regards erme

  • Hi Plumbob like you I also have these coughing fits I cough so much I feel I'm going to stop breathing so I find simple linctus I find that is the only thing that helps

  • Hi Plumbob. First time writing on this site. I find Fisherman's Friend lozengers are the only way I can stop my coughing fit, or I cough until I'm sick and so breathless it is frightening. Hope you try them, they taste disgusting and smell awful but they work for me. All the best. Chickchick

  • To go to sleep with such a cough, I used to take some Covonia or Pholcodeine. The latter has some codeine to calm coughing,

    Drink hot drink with not too much milk or sugar. I find that sugar tends to make me cough. I drink some Caledonian naturally fizzy water, whihc I find better then tap water which can make the throat scratchy.

    Keep your throat warm with a scarf or a buff .

    IN the coming cold weather, I wear a beanie hat in bed, so the room can get colder at night, but I hide underneath my duvet and beanie hat and buff! Hope this helps somehow.

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