Somewhat discouraged

Hi everyone, hope today finds you sell well.

I have noticed some posts where people mentioned how much lung function they have lost over the years. I'm Wondering if anyone has experienced that they have maintained there lung function with exercise and taking meds. I keep hoping that if I do the right things I will not progress do rapidly.

If anyone out ther has maintained, please let me know. I really need to hear something uplifting.

Good health to all.

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  • Hi there Batbara, I dont know if its the same , but I had my right lung removed 2 years ago. The hospital gave me a peak flow meter. At the time I could only manage 150 . Now after 2 years and plenty of exercise i.e walking , dumbells, and exercise cycle my 1 lung capacity is now 230 to 250.

  • Absolutely right - .you are doing all the right things, and if you continue to do them and listen to your doctor, Wow! you will be great!! Don't forget a lot of us on here weren't diagnosed early and didn't have the chance to do the right things....especially someone like me who smoked, had a dreadful diet and never ever exercised! :x Sooooo don't worry!!! Stay well :)

  • Thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately, I smoked many years, and am now at about 40% lung function. I'm just really hoping that I can really keep the progression at a very slow pace, if I continue to exercise and take my meds.

  • Read all the posts on here and you will see things can improve and remain really good if you do the right things....sooo, don't be discouraged and as everyone says "try not to give up" Good luck:)

  • After 45 years of smoking I gave up just short of three years ago. After a serious problem 18 months ago I went on a rehab course and now exercise, albeit not too strenuously, three to 4 hours a week. I have got progressively better over that time, although I accept my lung capacity will never increase. Don't ever give up. Regardless of fault or blame we have to move on and make the most of what we've got. Bit of a cliche but true. Chin up batbara there's a lot worse off than us.

  • So true. Thank you fredbear.

  • Maintained and improved. No smokng, loads of exercise (mostly walking), sensible diet - ie. stopped eating high fat or high sugar foods. Exercise needs to be daily or almost daily and give it your best - maximum effort . Avoid infections as much as humanly possibel - strict rule no one visits me if they knowingly have a cough or cold . That's about it really. Quite simple but does require dedication and effort. After 6 years at best general fitness level yet and with highest fev1 and fvc yet. Still need oxygen but not so much.

  • Batbara I have had brochiectasis since a baby...both lower lobes removed at 15..... never had lung function tests etc way back then...all I know is that I progressively got worse with repeated infections and courses of antibiotics though the years ....until when seriously ill in hospital with pneumonia I was sent to a chest clinic ..where I was first diagnosed as now stage 4 COPD and severe stage bronch and emphysema

    Since then ( about 5 yrs ago) I have done all I can to halt the progression of my disease ...including a PR course, reading all I can about how to look after my health on the net and sites like this one

    and I KNOW 100% for certain that my condition has improved....OK I am still bit by bit losing lung function ( as with broch its practically impossible to never get another infection) but I have halted the decline dramatically...Exercise is a MAJOR factor... I stupidly did not exercise before because it made me out of breath....but now I know its a major factor in improving your lung condition and your health

    There are other things that you can do/try they are all on this site in various places...but YES YES YES you can improve your lung function ...and you will definitely hold back the decline

    So never give up

  • I just want to thank all of you for your encouraging words. It's so nice to hear positive attitudes. It means a lot to me.

  • I have had a amazing year Batbara,, i,m a firm believer in fresh air and deep breathes,, i got myself a dog and walking her has been amazing,,in Feb my spirometer reading was rubbish, hitting 3 reds was all i could do,,walked slow and puffed, but i have persevered, and the walks have got longer, with a few little rests here and there, but my spirometer reading last week, i hit the green target twice,,not sure who was most amazed me or the consultant,, had no infections either,,,just take it a little at a time,,i,m sure a little excercise goes a long way,, breathe easy,,,chrissiex

  • Hi

    Last year I was at 37% (after inhalers), this year I'm at 53%. I work hard at avoiding colds though don't always succeed, and generally try to look after myself. It CAN improve so take heart :-)

  • I have had asthma for nearly 40 years and diagnosed with bronciectasis 3 years ago after having pneumonia. I was always out of breath and couldn't walk far, but now with regular walking and swimming I am 10 time plus, better than I ever used to be. I am on permanent antibiotics but it has worked. I have walking holidays now, where we walk about 8 miles a day with the dog, I wouldn't have been able to do that a few years ago. Never give up x

  • Again. I'd like to thank everyone who responded, for your encouragement, and support.

    Wishing you all the best health.


  • Again. I'd like to thank everyone who responded, for your encouragement, and support.

    Wishing you all the best health.


  • The first 3 years of being diagnosed I maintained my level but then I got a real bad dose of the flu my level dropped and it never recovers fully just be sure to keep away from flu

  • Hi Barbara,

    I'm much like other contributors. I was diagnosed with moderatevCOPD and bronchiectasis in February this year . I have taken all the advice I could gather, mainly from this site and a pulmonary rehab course and my lung function has dramatically improved. Before my diagnosis I had had numerous chest infection, the last ended up with me in intensive care! I do believe that if you exercise, use first defense ( when out in public places) wash or use hand gel before putting your hands anywhere near your mouth, take vitamins, maintain a healthy diet and make sure that friends/family with colds or flu stay away, you'll really help yourself to keeping well. In addition to that, manuka honey 25+ umf two teaspoons daily helps to fight bacteria that might cause you infection.

    Hope that helps

  • Thank daffodil

    Great advice I have used manuka honey in the past. It's wonderful for respiratory issues.

  • Hello helenann12, I have to tell how much I appreciate your concern,and your spreading of the great news of your wife's recovery.. I have read many of your posts,and I can see how enthusiast you are about vit A. Based on the outcome I must say I would be too. I would love to try this myself,but I have stage 3 chronic kidney disease. From what I've read, it cautioned about too much of this vit with kidney issues. If not for that, i would be doing exactly what your wife did. Thank you so much again, and continued health for you and your wife.(she is a lucky lady to have someone like you)!

  • Hello again. I actually have an appointment with my kidney doctor tomorrow. I will ask about the vit a and see what he thinks . Thank you again so much for sharing your wife's wonderfuland inspiring story.


  • Hi helenann, thank you for your concern. believe it or not, I actually forgot to ask that question. I have so many health issues that I had to ask about. Next time ( in three months ) when I see him I will remember to ask, as I wil write it down so I don't forget. Thanks again for asking.

    Hope you are well.

  • Very encouraging stuff I've just read, all, keep up the good work. David1968

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