fed up

good morning every one . here is one cheesed off bunny . been up all bloody night again . coughing . I hate sitting on the couch all night just dosing on and off . me dog wont settle and the wife is up and down like a yoyo checking on me .only got out of hospital Thursday . I have pain in my right lung all the time ,when I get it in left side , that's when I really suffer .im wheasing . being sick , and when I cant stop coughing feels like im going to poo me pants again . I know I shouldn't feel sorry for myself but for being so active to so useless in about a year . just reading back what I have written .....I m alive . theres people a lot worse than me . I have a big family and loads of friends . and if all goes well on Monday with my angiagram they will put me on lung transplant list. today the wife is off to southend . I don't feel like it but I am going with her . I use me scooter to carry her books ,my wife loves books we converted our garage into a library , she must have over 3000 .she buys job lots then donates her spares to doctors and hospital . we took about a 100 books to heart and chest clinic and were late getting our appointment because doc was looking thro books .

now aint it funny ive sat here writing all my troubles and worrys down on here and every thing don't seem so bad . was going to delete it all . but they say a problem shared or some thing like that . love to all .have a great weekend .

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  • Morning, I am sorry that you had such a bad night , I do sympathise. I thought I was on the only one feeling sorry for myself this morning, I have spent most of the last 20 years with a cough but I always hoped it would go away, but no such luck.

    But hey the sky is clear here this morning so the sun will be shining soon

    Enjoy your day out and good luck for Monday

  • Oh tobydoo, it's bloody awful when u feel ill but even worse when u can't sleep with it either, it doesn't matter that u feel sorry yourself every now and again, Ive got lots of fantastic things and people round me too but it's still hard to take, like You said to be active and happy and it all changes in such a short space of time, and it's continually on and off it's depressing, anyway enjoy ur trip to Southend, wrap up well and praise ur wife from me it's a lovely thing see does with the spare books, take care x Sonia x

  • I'm sorry you had such an awful night and sitting up all night feeling so ill is always worse as there are no distractions. All of us with breathing problems have been in that position and completely understand how you feel. I hope today is better and the drier warmer air that we are due to have in the southeast helps.

  • Poor you, your lucky to have your wife and dog,not struggling alone, yes,,enjoy the w /end.

  • It does seem better when we write it down - sort of emptying the bin - I am sorry you had a crap night and do hope you have a lovely day out with your wonderful wife :)

  • NO! don't delete it all!!!!! :) Love reading your comments. I think you and your wife are absolutely super for distributing the books....I have always loved book; used to drive my Mum mad when I was a child, as I always had my head in a book, wouldn't put it down till it was finished...used to bump into walls, etc. :p You are very lucky to have family and friends around you, but when you feel lousy nothing seems to help . Hope you enjoy Southend!!! :) All the best :)

  • morning yes a problem shared is a problem halved so come on every time you feel peed of or fed up we are all in the boat on this site we have our ups and our downs just par for the course with this B disease. Hope you pick up soon.

  • I hope it's and easier night for you tonight. That is so miserable for you. You are allowed to feel down with all that is going on. Good luck on Monday lots of love xxx

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