Help Sputum Samples ???

Hi can any one help with this I have a terrible Cold virus which has eventually gone to my poorly lungs, my lungs are like a packet of crisps full of mucus, I normally have too much mucus but obviously now it is worse the difference being is that is now so thick and has a slight tinge my question is if its not bright in colour just greyish can it still be an infection, first sample sent in no bugs 2nd sample multiple bugs but none specific I am now going to take a 3rd sample in but jesus I am coughing so hard and it feels like I am trying to get a giant slug off the wall of my right chest !!! tugging really hard Grrrrrrrr Gross sorry peeps but need help so had to be graphic xx

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  • no problemo have you been through pulmonary physio as they show you methods of clearing the lungs mine are so far great using all the tips I have been given?

  • Hi ant64, yes I know quite a few of techniques it was the sputum culture etc that I was more worried about xx

  • yes I can guess that would be a worry for you even when mine is a greenish yellow there is the start of a lung infection just as yours a dirty grey would have my GP prescribe AB's

  • Thanks Ant been on ab s for 3 days now and there is gallons of the stuff !! it must be coming from my boots !! thanks c


  • like me like the rest of us we live and thrive on antibiotics I dread the time when it becomes like in the nineties I had to go to hospital and get IV vancomycin

  • Bloody awful disease Ant wish they would find a cure xx

  • It is and until someone comes up with a cure we have to take it rough and smooth my doctor would not believe I had never smoked in my life just passive from 2 factory chimney smokers of parents. We have to take the diagnosis like a death sentence maybe they are working on it now but I very much doubt it will benefit most of us at present

  • Hi Ant so very true, but I think it is a seriously frowned upon disease, yes I smoked but didnt know the dangers but a lot on this site have never smoked or have been stopped smoking over 20 years and are still treated like they deserved the disease so unfair , hope one day this will change take care Carol xx

  • whenever smoking comes into the equation I look back on those old war time movies and the casualty clearing stations what was the thing they stuck me on each casualty was given a fag to smoke no matter what as though it was a magic panacea.

  • I know Ant, how the world has changed and is still changing cant always say for the better though or am I just grumpier haha x

  • not in the slightest just about given up watching the news these days as I have no desire to up my antidepressants at all :P

  • have you tried blowing bubbles and then huffing? - helps me! :)

  • Hi Louisiana , No but its is driving me to the point of thinking Im blowing bubbles haha thanks xx

  • Tee hee - seriously , it does help me to bring it up....and the huffing helps me from coughing so hard. Hope you feel better tomorrow :)

  • Thanks Louisiana we have to see the funny side dont we xxx

  • Hi again Carol, greyish sputum is usually caused by polluted atmosphere, fog or smoke inhalation and I have found that infection can be present even in pale clear looking sputum samples. My sputum is pale green, then goes much darker when I have bad infections.

    In years past I had really bad pseudo, strep and HI all together, the sputum then was very dark and strangely thin, like thin gloss paint.

    I'm so sorry you are having such a rough time with this, all you can do is take the ab's, drink plenty of fluid and drain your lungs without straining if you can, your problem sounds mega, just thought, did you ever get hyper-tonic saline in a nebuliser? I use ventalin, then 7% saline in neb, then pep, and finish off with lung flute, takes about an hour or more.


  • Hi Sue Thanks for replying yes I am really struggling at moment so so much Mucus now waiting for third sample to come back hopefully Monday till then i,ll just have to keep on de muking, I suppose its a good thing that its coming out or I think I would be in really serious trouble because it keeps getting stuck !!, god I look terrible haha xx talk soon luv Carol

  • Sorry to hear you are feeling so awful carolg - yes it could be an infections. This has sometimes happened to my husband. The antibiotics havent quite got rid of the infection. Do you have a nebulisier at home? He finds that using saline in the neb. can help. Hope you feel much better very quickly. Lots of love TADxx

  • Thanks TADAW xx

  • Mucodyne helps me a lot with this horrible thick mucus problem, maybe your doctor would prescribe it for you.

  • Hi Joany, yes been on mucodyne for a few years !!! xx thanks though

  • any change in the look of sputem can mean infection.....are you on carbocisteine as this helps loosen thick mucus

  • Thanks Mandy yes been on carocisteine for a few years maybe its not working anymore ?? thanks xx Carol

  • I find I have less mucus since I switched from seretide to symbicort 200/6, also my lung capacity has improved slightly. I hope that you find something that works for you ! J

  • Hi Joany, Thanks Im on symicort and I have always found it good but maybe its time for a change xxx

  • You really must stop coughing in this way which is so very damaging to our lungs. I am currently in Pulmonary Rehab and being taught something called Autogenic Drainage which at its best completely eliminates any need to cough while getting rid of all that mucus. Its taking practise and I still cough some times as well as..but it is working. Look it up on BLF. There is a hand out with full instructions.

    All the best.

  • Hi Hallentine47, Well the amount of coughing ive done over the last few days will certainly have done some damage thanks for the info I will have a look keep well xx Carol

  • Hi Hallentine, How do I find the Autogenic drainage on the BLF site ive had a quick look but cant seem to find it xx Carol

  • Carol, Angel on BRUS, has the best instructions for autogenic drainage that I have come accross, I can pm it to you if you need, just let me know but it may not work that well for you because you also have some degree of copd, we are all different, and your problem sounds drastic, I am disgusted that your consultant, GP and lung physio all can not help either, and make light of it too !

    Su xx

  • Hi Sue, I know I can hardly function today so exhausted with the wretching up of this god awful stuff !! Im on my way to my GPs in 10 mins I really need some help, the infection I have got is just making matters worse, I am drowning stood up !!, Ive found the site of the autogenic drainage Ill give anything a go xx talk soon luv Carol

  • Hi carolg

    The copy I have is from Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust Salisbury Hospital Wiltshire.

    Or try customer care team 0800 374 208

    e mail;

    let me know

  • Thanks so much xx

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