Hi everyone,I'm new to this site and I'm hoping I'm doing this right lol. I'm sat on my scooter at my drs one day doing a spiriva test,on the third breath I nearly passed out,my Dr says that she will only get me to do air exhaling once from now on. I just wondered if anyone else has had this happen on a spiriva test? I have COPD/ATHSMA. Thanks in advance everyone!!x

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  • Not sure what you mean by a Spiriva test? I know Ventolin makes my heart speed up and I often get light headed but have never had a reaction to Spiriva like that but I am not sure what you mean by a Spiriva test so I may be talking about something completely different.

  • Did you mean Spirometry test, if so most people can sympathize as it frequently makes me feel dizzy/faint

  • Do you mean spirometry test? Spiriva is an inhaler.

    I have trouble expelling air, but have never fainted.

    Check out my response to the post "powerbreathe" and try that at home.

  • I think your talking about a spirometry

  • Yes spirometry test would make more sense than a Spiriva test and yes when you exhale for an extended period you can certainly feel like you might pass out and then to have to do it a few times in a row can take a toll.

  • I got dizzy with a spiro test, but have only blacked out when I carried something to heavy up stairs at home. You have not mentioned what your lung capacity is? Did the doctor tell you ?

    Be Well

  • Hi liverteen, welcome to the site.

    Whenever you have a spirometry test its a good idea to ask for a copy of your results. You could still do so for the test you've just had.

    Then if you want good advice you could phone the BLF helpline, click on red balloon top right of this page for contact details, and ask anything you want including explanation of the spiro test results. They are brilliant and will also help you formulate any questions you want to ask your GP. :)

  • A warm welcome to you. P

  • Not a Spiriva test, but when the Chest Clinic want you to blow down a tube as long as you possibly can, I usually can't manage more than 2 at the most, although I have had asthma and now have quite bad COPD. By Spiriva do you mean the egg shaped inhaler that takes a capsule and you breath it in or do you mean what I have just explained? I take Spiriva at night and it helps me through the night with breathlessness.

    Regards, Val.

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