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Flu vacination

I know the flu injection is to prevent flu but would it protect you against chest infection? As I don't fall into the catagories to have it done at my GP.s as I am not over 65 or have lung conditions I would have to go to my pharmacy .The reason I want it is because of my anxiety and obsession with breathing and as I had a chest infection 2 years ago which made me breathless I want to avoid getting it again and obviously flu.

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You can get the flu jab privately, should your surgery not consider you to be in a priority group


Hi bev, I hope I don't come across as rude but I think u really need to sort out ur anxiety over ur anxiety and OCD, maybe a counsellor or acupuncture, hypnosis would be a better way to go than treating things that aren't there, and no having a flu jab doesn't stop u getting flu or a chest infection, its more to prevent it being severe in old age and ill patients. Take care x Sonia x



the flu jab will give you protection against this year's most likely strains, either giving you immunity or reducing the severity, depending on your immune response. It will not stop you getting a chest infection.

If you want to have a flu jab from a pharmacy then go ahead, it will probably help you, but I also agree with Sonia that you would benefit from some support for your anxiety x


I agree with what has been said above.

Be well


Hi, I'm sorry you're suffering from anxiety but if I were you I'd have the flu jab because if you do catch the flu it is a strongish possibility that it could go to your chest.

Have it, it will alliviate at least a bit of the anxiety. Flu isn't nice at any age.

Give yourself a little peace of mind Bev for the £8 it will cost you. Also practice all the things we do to avoid infection: eat well, breath deep, take multivit&mineral, drink plenty of water. Good luck to you :)

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got the flu jab on sat 4th,confirmed chest infection today,anties,and steroids the usual


these infections never leave us alone starting with a UTI now Bev I concur with the rest of the comments made as to whether you get a private flu jab or not flu vaccines are only targeted at what the boffins thinks likely to occur this winter it does not stop other infections occurring either along with the flu or not best way if you can is to stick it out you can then build up a natural immunity to the flu virus


I have the flu jab every year but since I had the last one I have had more chest infections, flu and flair ups. The flu jab is no guarantee


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