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third attempt

hi good morning all . had a bad night , woke up about 5ish having a asthma attack . went on nebuliser .

got up about 7am still feeling really bad . said to misses i need to nebulise again she said .not sure about that its probally to quick .shall phone doctors and check . well we get thru to receptionist who says all doctors are too busy phone 111 .

we phone 111 who said no doctors available . phone docs back and demand to speak to doctor .

nearly 8am by now so I had my nebuliser .wife phones rapid response nurses who are there now .

they phone docs who then come and see me .

didn't really need docs to come out just needed to talk to someone .

explained to doc I have ipf copd and asthma . she said I can use neb up to 5 times aday . also upped my steroids to 8 pills .have a good day

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I hope you are feeling better now, it's bad enough suffering an asthma attack without the added stress of trying to get advice and failing. You can understand why people go to A and E .

Take care and I hope the steroids are starting to work.


Sorry for having fun on your previous attempts to post, tobydoo, and I hope the nebuliser and steroids are helping ease your breathing. At least you now know how often you can use the nebuliser, which has to be a plus x


Its the not knowing that is a added worry - good to know for future ref if needed - hope its not needed though.


Sorry to hear you've had such a bad time waiting to get sorted out. Re the finding out how often you can use the neb, it's something you should have been told long before now. Something similar happened to me with pain relief. Well, at least you know now. get better soon x


Hi tobydoo, sorry to hear u've had a bad morning, nothing worse then not being able to speak to anyone when u need medical advice, nebs can be used one after the other in hospitals because it can raise the heart rate so needs to be monitored, at home they say every 4 hrs . hope u feel better now and sleep better tonite. Take care x Sonia x

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Hi I hope you are feeling better now. I have asthma as well and several times I woke in the night unable to breathe. It is very frightening. I started using my salbutomol inhaler twice just before bed time and it hasn't happened since. Would that work for you? Or how about nebulising before you go to bed? I am glad your doctors took it seriously and came out to see you.

If you are that bad again maybe next time call an ambulance? coughalot x


Poor you . You have had bad time of it


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