numbers, do they add up

sats 99-100% with no drop in exertion, good air entry throughout his chest with no added sounds, spirometry test showed fvc 2.68 (62% predicted ) and the fev1 of 1.26 (36% predicted ) that's what my GP gave me a copy of my test from last week.

the consultant said that I have COPD because of smoking of over 35 years, can anyone please tel me, could they be wrong about my copd or am I just trying to hide the fact that I do have it because I get so out of breath, coughing, and brining up phlegm plus I have a wheeze, I am 50 years old and smoked for over 35 years, I have got app with respiratory clinic next week, have to have chest xrays, etc. anyone have any answers please, my consultant says that I have copd,

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  • Hi

    Await your final test, which by a process of elimination will leave a possible diagnose of COPD which is indicated by your fev1, mine was 34% at diagnosed.

    Are you by any chance still smoking? Reason for asking is oximeters can not tell the difference between oxygen and carbon monoxide which can give an usual higher reading.

  • hi, the day of my test I was still smoking. you say the day of my final test by process of elimination, is that to so if I do have copd or to see how bad it is? sorry for the silly questions, I am great full for your help and advice

  • Hi

    Spirometer test is the norm for COPD a fev1 <80% is a indicater of copd, 36% is moderate/severe.

    X-Rays are to eliminate any other reason for your breathlessness.

    There lots you can can do to slow the progression, stopping smoking is one , regular exercise, and a balanced diet.

    Pulmonary rehabilitation is a must, speak to your respitory nurses about referral.

  • I was diagnosed by a consultant, who was looking at my x-ray. He said it was the only way of positively diagnosing my emphysema (copd). I was just 50 years old, I was shocked, but now 18 months on, my life has improved, with correct medication, and a new partner. Life does not end with a diagnosis. Good luck with your further tests.

    Nin x

  • I was only diagnosed by a COPD nurse by a spirometry test. No consultants or x-ray for me! x coughalot

  • I think they want to do other test, as I have angina, and ashma, but I know I copd as your body nows whats wrong

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