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Need help

I have COPD asthma bronchiectasis, as if that wasn't bad enough now I have been told my kidneys are abnormal gf something 58 out of 60 , the doctor says it's probably my medicine that hasn't helped, large amount of pills nubuizers, steroids, is this normal as I have gone up a stage in my illnesses, how many stages are there too, thankyou for anyone who replies.

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Hi Lyn,

Sorry I cant answer your question, as I think your doctor should be able to answer that. I know when I was in hospital after my heart attack and then developed pneumonia I was on antibiotics, steroids, and loads of other pills. I got acute kidney disease and was taken off 1 of the tablets and about 2 weeks later was ok.

I too have copd but only mild and seem to cope with the nebulisers, statins etc. I also only have one lung

so I am thinking I am doing well.

I hope someone can give you an answer to put your mind at ease.

Take care. :)


Thanks lovely, goodness you are doing very well, like everyone else we have good days and bad I'm not to worried I think you get a bit like that just add it to the list which is getting long haha but I can still laugh, how are you feeling now are you better after your stay in hospital, which tablet can you remember was it, some days I get a bit fed up with taking so many pills and nebs but I pull myself together I don't know if anyone else feels like that, but we take-them because we want a better day


Sorry Lyn dont know which tablet it was. I feel fine now. As for stages off illness there may be 5 like Coughalot says, however everybody is still different and it can vary on how fit you are in general. Exercise and a good healthy diet helps. I do know as I was told to exercise and eat more healthier. I thought at the time how boring. I take it all back I feel 10 times better now.


Hi there are generally considered 5 stages in COPD. Mild, moderate, severe, very severe and end stage. Google it to find out more. x




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