A Need More DRUG's

A Need More DRUG's

Yep BIT of strange title BUT we are talking about 3 lots of Different Antibiotics in two weeks

Twice in a fornight i thought a was going to DIE at least on 2 occasions god what a past two weeks i have had with MIRACLE of ANTIBIOTIC's.

Yup all started with HORRID drugs Antibiotics AZITHROMYCIN 250 mg maintenance antibiotic yuk yuk yuk BUT with benerfits more lung one's then DWP ones as my breathing was much better.

Yep i was Bowling along with my probiotics with few side effects maily server leg pain .. than BANG me Ass litterly fell out of my world or is it pants.

My GUTs was that inflamed a did not av to be DOCTOR as a could not EAT as would be sick COULD not Breath as must been squashing my lung ... I must of gone into some kind of shock inflamation or what ever as was going hot sweaty and ice berg cold.

A survived that epersode only to be meet with musicale atrophy caused by Azithromycin yep horrific it was as my talking was slured and i could not even hold my head up defo a OMG moment.

So i duly stopped taking tham and started feeling bit congested throut was lungs and started a course of of DOXYCYCLINE 100mg as a new maintenance antibiotic ... well that went ok for first two days then i started getting dizzy hot and cold breathing problems that resulted in me not being able to walk with out feeling like a was going to pass out die.

So yet again i was at doc as i dont think DOXYCYCLINE was strong enough as a maintenance antibiotic .

It was decided to to change them again FEW to AMOXICILLIN 500mg 3 times a day as 5 day course.

Thus far on the AMOXICILLIN av been quite good as av been quite cherpy chappey i think to annoyance of Mrs Daz's

As you can imagine i have had doo dee of a times .. but the long and short of it is my GP is getting intouch with my LUNG doc as they was hoping low streanth maintenance antibiotics would work given my condition .. but as the not she said.

She needs to carify with my lung doc what it is thats going on.

Buti have had previous conversations with my lung DOC about my condition and think i know more than my GP about whats going to happen with My Condition Antibiotics and Surgary to cut down on infection rates.

Well LVR well i dont have to worry about that as its been ruled out as to dangerious.

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  • Hi Daz...a bit confused...are you saying your daily Azi caused all the problems in the beginning....if so how come you are on a large dose 3 times a day now?

    Was the 250 g Azi as a prophylactic working for you before you had all the trouble? How long were you on that maintenance dose of Azi for?

    Sorry about all the questions, but I did not fully understand your situation

    Love Sohara xx

  • Hi Sohara Cheers Yer that's a good question ... Yer I was not talking any antibiotics before I was put on AZI but I did have few issues my previous post will explane.

    I was put on AZI as a maintenance antibiotic given my high infection rate to help stop infections breathlessness and to be honest they seemed to work BUT the side effects was shocking as I have described in this post

    A tried following docs advice and sticking with them but a was getting totally wasted and could not operate the last straw was when I could not hold my head up and slurred speech .... A was lucky as it's luck of the draw what bits musicale atrophy effects with those antibiotics

    Why iam taking high strength antibiotics when I was taking off AZI after guts head problems I was put on low strength DOXYCYCLINE 100mg and that did nothing to stop New infection

    Yer docs won't tell me why I keep getting infection's ... Well the did but they was taking piss tried to say was all drink drugs ad trashed my lungs my x gp said I had cancer that was a malicious lie and quite untrue

    Obv a was not happy as I don't do drink drugs THAT was other complaint I submitted

  • That sounds confusing, painful and irritating! Hope they get you sorted out Daz xx

  • Hi Tadaw Cheers yer I don't let things bother me now ... To be honest it's gone on that long am quite use to it

    Just glad my doc's are ok with it really a must be due 100% attendance badge

  • Amxicillin has no effect on me I am OK with azithromycin but am on 1 a day so far and yes doxicyclin really hammers the infection on the head but because I am taking Azithromycin he won't give me that one at all it just makes me wonder how long we can take these antibiotics for before we become used to them in the nineties I reached that stage and had to go into hospital for vancomycin (IV) they don't like to be forced to use this drug as it cost too much and takes up a hospital bed (no one mentioned a serious chest infection requires hospital intervention from time to time)

  • PS Daz try and take a probiotic like Yakult or danone

  • Hi Ant64 yer have been taking probiotics cheers yer guna get them probiotic germ pills

    Cheers thanks

  • thanks for the tip Daz I take those horrible drinks but was sure there was a better way of taking them

  • and for those who are a bit hazy about pro and pre biotics follow the link


  • Hi Ant64

    Yer I hate the Hospital's too .... yer others in there all go bed to early and they always want to put me on heart lung wards

    Yer none of that for me ... Yer been on DOXYCYCLINE and never had any problems with them really ..

    Cheers thanks hopes alls well

  • Sounds like you have had a rough period Daz; hope it works out soon. Love Mx

  • Hi Scorpiolass cheers yer don't make em like they use to ... Yer am sure all be fine a don't tend to dwell on stuff

    Cheers thanks

  • Oh my, youve really been through it, just shows how strong you are, thinkin of ya xxx

  • Hi Mcnally cheers thanks yer think all us suffers are made of finer stuff ... We would have to be to cope with it

    Cheers thanks hope alls well with ya too cheers

  • Take another look at the black rose, daz. It could help you through!!

  • Hi Pergola1 cheers yer am ok really or as well as can be expected .. yer is nice rose have looked and thought .... Mmmmm Mrs Daz's UP's yep forgot then was on here :))

    Cheers thanks

  • I'm a bit confused as well Daz but I'm guessing you're not a fan of azithro. I find Doxy much harder on the stomach and it never works on it's own. It's a lottery really isn't it ? You just keep swallowing and hope something works eventually.

  • Hi Argana Cheers yer have never really had problems with antibiotics well up till now .. but yer ya not far wrong defo not a fan of AZI but if it was not for side effects i would still be on them as did seem to work

    But if I can't operate on em what's the point .... I have read some people are on 45 pills a day so think am ok really well that's what I tell my self

    Cheers thanks

  • Hi Daz, sorry to hear u've had a crappy couple of weeks, more so due to antibiotics not helping, I'm allergic to Penacillin so doxycycline or clarithomycin ( sorry if spelt wrong ) are the two I always get given. Hope u feel better soon. Take care x Sonia x

  • Hi Sonia1972 cheers yer would defo agree about antibiotics not helping ... just hope am over worse

    Yer felt cold 36c and by all accounts it's not our optimal temp we run at ... But feel warmer now on AMOXICILLIN and my ears are beaming might be doc's discussing my case symptoms :)) .... Some how a doubt it eh :)

    Yer don't know how you cope being allergic to penicillin was that discovered by accident

    All them you mentioned yer had em all and never had any problems b4 a suppose it can be like hay fever suppose you can become sencertive allergic to stuff

    Cheers thanks for comment hope ya doing ok

  • I was allergic as a child to Penacillin , but some not so wise doctor said u can grow out of it and gave me it for infected rash on my neck, within 20 mins of taking the first capsule I was scratching all over like a rabid dog ended up in hospital with anaphalaxic shock so know I've been told I can't even touch a tablet on my skin let alone take it, was asked if I wanted to take the matter further with the doc that gave it me but didn't have the energy to be honest. Oh well I'm still here in a fashion lol. Take care Daz. Sonia x

  • Hi sonia1972 Cheers yer had Gf who was sencertive allergic to penicillin to she use to have to scrutinise everything

    How you get on with food as most contain antibiotics ... Might explain odd bad turn not like food industry would fess up to out

    Yer am like that too about doc's the very lucky we have energy problems and let stuff lie

    Like ya ya say we are still here and that's defo a plus plus in my book

    Yer glad you seen doc got ya flu jab sorted defo know what ringing headache's are like

    Cheers thanks ;)

  • Hi Daz,sorry to hear you,re having it so rough yet again.The strength you show is incredible and great sense of humour,all the best mate.D.

  • Hi FarmerD Cheers yer I try not to let stuff bother me .. Been a roller coaster and I hate em really

    But have to stay positive ... Cheers thanks :)

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