Hello to all my friends. I am still here. I've just had six days away with my Son, Daughter in Law and my Granddaughter. We went on a short cruise from Bristol to Europe. I came home to find my letter for my flu jab on the floor. It was dated for Saturday between 9.00am and 12.00am. We got home at 1.00pm. I will have to re book. I've never known them to give such a short time before your appointment.

Has anyone heard from Popplewell. I was in contact with her for a long time. She changed to a laptop and we haven't been able to contact each other since.

Well I hope you are all keeping infection free it's coming round to that time of year again. My Daughter in Law had a rotten cold on holiday which I was sure I would get. I'm ok though.

Take care all.

Love Mavary.


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  • Welcome home Mavary, hope you had a relaxing time away with family. Glad you haven't got unwell from

    Daughter-in-law cold.

    Do not know Popplewell but havent seen on here..xxxxx

  • Hi Rockett. Thanks for your reply. Popplewell was on here for a long time. She became not well at all and stopped posting. She did however stay and private message me. I miss her posts and would love to hear from her again. We became good friends. X

  • Good to hear from your Mavarey - the cruise sounds great. I am sorry I have not heard from Popplewell. We had our flu jabs last week. Lots of love TADxx

  • Hi Tad. It's nice to hear from you. I miss all your lovely posts. Hope you are keeping ok. X

  • Keeping my fingers crossed Mavary!! What with all the colds around - using masses of anti-baterial gel. Glad to hear you are keeping well. TAD xxx

  • I'm crossing my fingers for you as well. X

  • Thank you lovely xx

  • Hi Mavary nice to see you. Haven't seen you for a while. Glad you had a good break away. If I had known I would have smuggled myself aboard :d x

  • Hi Coughalot. Yes it was a lovely cruise. Just the thing to take your mind off things. I didn't like coming home though. My Granddaughter was the star of it. All the crew loved her especially the show group. We went out from Bristol. I was hoping to see all the coast around but it was too hazy to see much going out and the same coming back. I'll let you know if we are going again and I will take an extra suitcase to put you in. X

  • I feel the care, can l stow away too?

  • You're quite welcome. I may be stopped for having too many suitcases though. X

  • LOL. Feels like there is alot of stress around for people right now, so maybe we all need to shrink and be away relaxing.xx

    Hope your afternoon gd.xx

  • It doesn't help for long. Coming home hits you again. X

  • What a lovely holiday you had! You must be feeling refreshed.

    Sorry I haven't seen any posts from popplewell for a while,do hope she's ok.xxx

  • Hi Wendells. Nice to hear from you. Popplewell has the same as Mike had and was not too good last I heard so I'm a bit worried about her. I just hope she will see my message and reply. How are you keeping now? Have you stopped those nasty attacks you were having? I expect your Summers on the way now. We are going into the Autumn and the leaves are just beginning to turn gold. The temperature is still warm though for England. It is 19 to 20degrees. Usually by now we are thinking about jumpers but I'm still in T/Shirts.

    Take care.

    Mavary. X

  • Hi Mavary,how lovely you are having a mild Autumn.It is Spring here,& has been very warm,I just hope it's not a sign that it will be a very hot dry Summer!That starts December1.

    Do hope you don't get the cold,but it would have done you good,getting away.

    Did you finally get a new car? Do hope so.

    Make sure you look after yourself,I'm sure things would still be a bit raw.

    Big hugs, xxxx.

  • Hi Wendells. After saying about our Summery weather they have just said tonight we have two more days of it. By Thursday it is going to get much colder and more in keeping with the Autumn. I know it's got to happen but it was nice to have the warmth while it lasted.

    I have got my little car. It's a Pergeout 107. After having the other one hit the day before I took it back I decided to get a little one that I can tuck away from other ones.

    I don't go too far in it as I don't like going on my own. I do go to the Supermarket and visit my Sons. I've also been to Burnham which is a seaside not far from me and I took it into my head to go to Yeovil on my own. That's a town about 16. Miles away. So I'm getting there.

    Yes things are still a bit raw. I can't ever imagine it not to be but I'm getting by.

    You look after yourself as well.

    Love Mavary.

  • Welcome back Mavary and it sounds as if a lovely time was had by all. Glad you didn't get the cold. Not seen anything from Popplewell but hope she somehow finds out that you have been asking after her and gets in touch soon. Take care xxxx

  • Hi Sassy59. Thanks for replying. I've posted on here before asking about Popplewell. She has also tried to contact me but we seemed to have missed each other. I just hope she sees this. It's lovely to hear from you all. X

  • Welcome back, Mavary. x

  • Thanks Toci. I've missed you all. X

  • Good to see you back with us Mavary,glad you had a great time away.D.

  • Thank you FarmerD. It's good to talk to old friends.

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