Magic cleaning sponges beware!

Not Lung related but worth knowing I think? I have used these wonder cleaning sponges that you get wet wring out and it cuts though crease and grime like a goodun! We used them to spring clean my mothers house with great results not a single problem.

However this Sunday I was doing another painting session on our new home and was cleaning all the brushes rollers etc. I noticed a streak of emulsion on my underside of my forearm. My wife past me one of the magic sponges that she had cleaned paint off her hands with so I did 2 wipes and it was off! All of a sudden I felt like hot fat had been poured on my forearm there was a bright red 3" by 1.5" bright red sore. Put my arm straight under the cold tap and then dabbed it dry but still giving me a burning sensation. So of to my first aid box and tried some burn cream which only intensified the pain. I had to rub it off with some tissues. I have tried Camamile, sudafed, E45 none of them have made it feel or look much better? I went to the chemist on Thursday to see if there was anything he could give me? He went though what I have used and said sorry, but I need to keep a close eye on it. It is now starting to scab over but still hurts to touch and as a warfarin user I have to be careful catching the scabs and getting an infection.

The moral of my story:

Do not be a silly billy with cleaning products!

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  • " Offcut! just a thought. But if.. I ever burn myself which I have been known too, I always rub in gently a little, honey it is very soothing and stops it scabbing. I use a lot manuka honey for warm drinks and cereals so I use a little of that... Just a thought..:) thank you also for the information on that sponge."

  • Doh! I have some of that too? Never crossed my mind

  • hmmmm

    if it did that to your arm how come it never burnt your hands when you had hold of it cleaning with it

  • I do not get that either

  • hands skin is thicker than thin soft under arm skin maybe!

  • Might be my hands have seen some rough action over the years :)

  • perhaps she was wearing

    rubber gloves so hands wern't affected

  • No she was not and it did not affect her which is even stranger as she does have a more sensitive skin than me?

  • Gess thats frightening no warning on the packet. If you use them in the future make sure you wear gloves.

    And don't touch your face or any thing. Look after yourself best wishes Irene

  • Do not worry I will for sure.

  • I'm looking for something to get paint splodges out of my carpet, would Magic Sponges work for that? I would of course wear gloves, what do you think?

  • Carpets can be a nightmare. depends on what they have been made with or dyed with. We have just had our bedrooms carpets fitted and they claim to be bleach clean friendly because they are made from poly-carbon something or other?

    If it is a vinyl emulsion it is best to get it up with warm soapy water straight away. which should not affect anything except wet feet. If it is the old gloss I doubt it. but the new Gloss is water based and might work with a scrubbing brush and warm water. Or even a hand steamer might?

    If the sponge was to work and take some of the colour out would it still look better than your splodge?

    Hard one to answer.

  • Thanks Offcut, I don't know what the carpet is made of, it was here when I moved in, I thought nail polish remover might work, think I might try warm soapy water first ( that's if I can get down on my hands and knees of course ) wish me luck, Chris

  • I am with you there not so bad getting down it is the getting up again is the killer

  • Hi Offcut

    I don't know if this would work for what seems to be a chemical burn but my long tried and tested method for burns is to dip the relevant part (!) in flour (or smother flour thickly over the area.)

    The flour prevents any oxygen reaching the burn and prevents blistering. I expect honey has the same effect. Water of course doesn't despite everyone thinking it works best.

    This is obviously of no help now but could be useful some time (heaven forbid) in future. Hope this clears up quickly añd you feel much better ... :)


  • I have had to cover it now as it started to crack and bleed :(

  • Put clingfilm round it as keeps it clean and will stop it drying out. Will crack as getting dry, this will stop it drying further

    The ambulance people do this and it is good first aid too.

  • Sound like you rubbed the top layer of skin off. I hope you're feeling much better.



  • Started to bleed now so got a melamine plaster on it now to keep it clean

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