Chronic Asthma & Mild Bronchectasis Xolair treatment

Could anyone help me.

I've just had a week of investigations at the Royal Brompton in London. It looks like I'm allergic to everything and I will be trying Xolair, which I think is quite a new drug to our country Briton. Could anyone tell me if they have used it and have they improved.

Did you have any side effects.

I also have just been put on Spiriva inhaler and am feeling quite light headed, this could just be because of feeling so unwell . Could you help? ?

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  • the only thing i can help with is the spiriva ..i didnt get light headed but i did have a bad reaction to it as it stopped me passing water and i dont mean as a walk on the beach x

  • . Thanks for that M.

    You've put a big smile on my face anyway, feeling a bit down today.


    I just got the news from the Asthma society today let us hope it is one thing we were waiting for I think salbutomol needs replacing in our arsenal of drugs I can use it several times a day to no effect and when I tell my hospital doctor he mumbles well it is a reliever.

  • Brilliant news. I didn't realise it's so new to the NHS. I'm going on it in a couple of months when I go back to the Brompton.

    Thanks for the info

  • great news let us all know on this site how you do on it.

  • Ok . will do.

  • thanks

  • Hi must say that Xolair has made all the difference to me i feel 10 years younger ! shame the mirror does not reflect how I feel. I finished the trial period two months ago and have been accepted on the treatment permanently. The only side effects for me are that I feel a little fluey for a couple of days after but that has reduced. I would definitely say give it ago. best wishes Irene

  • Thanks so much for the info.

    To be honest I'm at my wits end and would try anything.

    It's good to be for armed with possible side affects. I just hope it works well for me as it has you.

  • Hi Can I ask you what your symptoms are pre being given this new drug as I too have ChroniC asthma and Bronchestasis and the thing that is making me so so miserable is the mucus oooodles of the rotten stuff, hope the med works for you please keep us posted, good luck, xx Carol

    p.s. is am inhaler ?

  • Hi

    This has been going on for 2 years now, at first the docs thought it was continues lung infections that kept affecting my asthma pc flow 0. After 3 x rays I was given an MRI and CT scan which they diagnosed mild Bronchi. from. I do not have a lot of phlegm but do have some especially in the morning. Breathless is considerably, any movement really is debilitating.

    Will keep you posted how I get on.

  • Thanks good luck with it , its an awful disease we have there arnt many answers to help us, I would appreciate it if you will keep me posted, Liv Carol

  • I know exactley how you feel I was having chest infections all the time I would only go about two weeks in between I have had asthma since I was two years old. the last couple of years has been almost impossible. I have had pneumonia which laid me low for nearly 3 months I even reduced my hours at work but now i feel a lot better. I have more energy I can do alot more my lung function has gone from 29% to 42% at best last test it was 37% so I am amazed at the results! Let me know how you get on best Wishes Irene

  • Regular Yoga is what I feel the best. This disease need to be tackled with care and patience.

  • Good Morning - My husband takes Spiriva but has had not noticeable side effects (which is a miracle he always get side effects!!!) xx

  • Thank you for that it's always a bit of a worry taking new meds.

    Has he in proved?

    I've only been on it 5 days and haven't seen much of an inprovemeant

  • Well its funny you should ask - we have never really seen any improvement not noticeable and he never has really. Having said that I spoke to the respiratory nurse who told me that it works by opening the airways for 24 hours and it needs to be taken every day. Whilst my husband is not convinced - he does keep taking it which suggests to me there must be some improvement - if that makes sense! Good Luck TAD xx

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