going for it

today is the best ive felt for ages . so me and the missis have started decorating our bathroom I started it about a year ago. I managed to hang two strips .so I recon two strips a day . six days I will have it done . its the shaking that makes it hard work with my hands up above me shoulders standing on stepladders .its wifes job to hold me up stop me falling . the only trouble is ive now got me swollen feet and ankles back . now settled down to watch dr who then its last night of proms if I can stay awake long enough . keep on breathing ....

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  • Well done tobydoo but don't go overdoing it and no falling of any ladders. You will get there and what an accomplishment for you. Take care. xxxx

  • Hi tobydoo, good for u, I'm not going to be patronising but plz take care, on and off the ladders. Keep them feet up and enjoy the telly , and sweet dreams if u nod off X Sonia x

  • Even if it was 1 strip it is still a move forward.

    Be Well

  • good for you - the more we keep active the better, they say.

  • Love your attitude! xx

  • Well done xx

  • Hows it going tobydoo? when you've finished would you like to give me a hand painting my bathroom :) huffxxx

  • Worst job ever I hate decorating although we only pain we don't have wall paper so its just cream and a colour for the fetcher wall simples

  • At the end of the day it do not matter how long it takes you to do it at the end you can stand back and say I did that . Like I said when I did my garden one year and nealy finished so just make small amount of past so you get little wast good luck hope you finish it your self and be happy with your self

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