Talk About Pile On .. Whats Going ON BLF With My Links

Talk About Pile On .. Whats Going ON BLF With My Links

Firstly ad like to thank everybody who commented on my previous post : Azithromycin 250mg One A Day Side Effects & My OMG post yep all star's and thanks.

I have spent lot of time BACKING up my claims with scholer articals i look back on to defend a future claim and dont take kindly to healthunlooked or blf removing links as why is that happing.

As you know i have been taking AZITHROMYCIN and as advised yer i went back and seen my gp about those ANTIBIOTCS and a foot problem.

Anyway GOOD news is GF or BF cant catch THRUSH if antibiotic Acquired :)

But putting that to one side my doc said i need to stick with my antibiotics as you dont have a choice really Well i do but i dont if you know what i mean

BAD news is my Bronchitiasss or as its know Chronic Lung Sepsis is progressing advancing

And docs have to try and get on top of inflamation by me persevering with AZITHROMYCIN

but as i have said if its ASBESTOS fibers causing my lung inflamation and its not Infection Antibiotics would not work.

The other issue is with my foot yep my foot yep did hear me right .. A dont know what that is on bottom of my foot but it looks like collagen inflammation and is same colour of my lung tissue i have been coughting up

I have no IDEA what it is but it stings and burns and hurts a great deal and affects my little toes

Given it is made up of what appears collagen and rod shaped that go's deep into my foot could i be looking at my uncontroled inflamation process at work

Dose anyone on here have idea what it is or experince with podiatry as i have looked and cant find out

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  • Hi Daz that does not look good to me it looks like the start of a mole and I most certaintly would bend your doctors ear about this

  • Hi ant64 cheers thanks yer doc looked at it and said she's reffering me to podiatry doc at local hospital

    Yer my doc as minor surgary clinic i asked her to wip it of in the clinic but she refused

    yer it started of as hard skin i pulled of then that grew back like that

    Yer tryed geting doc to freeze it of but reffused

    Cheers thanks

  • yup sometimes they do refuse to freeze or cut the thing of what they are looking at is trying to gather enough info about how far the root of it is just be patient I do know podiatry appointments are long and hard to get but your doc has referred you to the right person

  • Ant64 cheers yer a thought i might seen chiropodist just to get it wiped off .. Was tad shocked never knew there was such profession


  • Hi twiceshy3 cheers thanks for link very interesting

    Yer am not quite sure it's blister as it's like hard skin

    But a RANK couler

    Cheers thanks for ya help

  • Hiya yer a don't think it's a mole as never had one there I know or think you can have them devolape at anytime

    But mine started as flat lump of hard skin a wiped off after a bath

    That's when that grew back .... I only noticed when it started hurting

    anyway cheers yup true star thanks for helping me get to bottom of it

    Cheers x

  • this link shows corns on the balls of our feet,, xx the links are separate cus I cant do them in the same box yet,, sorry,,

  • Hi twiceshy3 cheers yer thanks for link .... Yer suppose it could be anything really xx

    Cheers thanks again x

  • there sure are such guys and gals about because I have a trapped nerve in my spine I have to have my toe nail and feet checked at least every three months once done I go away and phone up for my next appointment 2-3 weeks before the 3 month period.

  • hear Daz is what thay do, that looks like a blister or a wart but im not sure,, il leave that to the medical pro,s,, it doesn't look comfy tho, try to keep of it, till you,ve seen the guy, xx it could be a mole but I don't no, all the best,,

  • Hi cheers twiceshy3 yer is like blister but it's skin yup mad init .... All the net and can't see out like it

  • colleensplantarwart.blogspo... ,,, another link Daz but id wait and see the podiatry specialist ,, xx

  • Hi twiceshy3 cheers yer where getting down the list of possibilities yer have seen warts and that on my foot is smooth like a blister but it's skin am sure if doc thought it was wart would they of removed it ... They must of seen trilons of them .... Thanks for ya help :) x

  • Could it be a wart?

  • Hi offcuts a don't really know av tried looking on net and can't see out .. It's connected to 1/4 of dead hard skin but that lump is going right down into foot

  • Cannot help with this one but hope you get the appointment soon, at least to put your mind at rest and some insight into what it is and what is causing it

  • Hi Thomas8 cheers thanks yer was looking on NHS website apparently only those high risk patients get to see NHS podiatry

    At least my docs doing right by me and that's defo a plus

    Cheers thanks

  • Hi Daz, sorry to hear your still going through the mill, I hope the inflammation can be

    stopped in it's tracks for you ASAP.

    On a lighter note, before reading your post, I had a good look at you photo, as always, trying to fathom what I was looking at, and had come to the conclusion it was a distended belly with a yellow belly button. Must go to spec savers me thinks. Lol. x

  • Hi Casper99 cheers thanks that's defo a good one .... :)

  • It looks painful Daz oh well good excuse to put your feet up.

  • Hi onamisson cheers yer I wish I could put my feet up but am not having this bloody disease ruin my life .... Yep am going to drag it about instead of other way round

    Cheers thanks

  • Hi Daz, sorry can,t help with foot problem, but did see u have same as me Bronchiectasis, & u have had contact asbestos in the past? I did,nt know the two could be connected? Mine is apparently because of severe pneumonia 12 yrs ago that may have started it but only got diagnosed with Bronchiectasis 8 yrs ago. When u say it's progressing, does that mean u have more cavities ? Mine is in both upper lobes & because did,nt get appointment to see my consultant for over a year from Feb 2013 - March 2014 I now have another cavity & since got diagnosis of Invasive Aspergillosis in April I have not had another appointment with my consultant. So u may have read I have recently got appointment to see Prof Wilson at Royal Brompton for Nov 24, as only late morn one I could get! I have just finished liaising thru PALS at Tonbridge Wells hosp because of no treatment all these months & had letter from AGM of respiratory medicine saying taking on a new consultant to help with delayed appts etc. Plus told me my Consultant believes the expert second opinion of my diagnosis & my past history of Severe Pneumonia & Guillain Barre Syndrome etc. in other words he does,nt know enough about his diagnosis to benefit me further. So still don,t know if I should be planning my funeral or not? As my Consultant is obviously just General I don,t know much about Bronchiectasis & mortality rate etc, apart from what I,ve read myself & I have a cough everyday since Bronchoscopy in March. Walking past where people smoke causes me to cough & certain smells. Low immune system & having to park up & take train & tube to Chelsea to see Prof Wilson in Nov is going to be fun, with all the diseases floating about in them, so could make get chest infections or pneumonia again as well. Think gas mask may be in order

  • Hi Sand64 yer a would not book ya funeral just yet .... From what have read it's when you have trouble lifting your hands to have shave UPs or Wash you know things are bad

    When my X doc's nearly killed with inaction I had sepsis rash a thought was it was just clothes rubbing a had trouble lifting them was defo nearly goner

    This is where it gets tad complex : I think well I know asbestos I have been coughing up as been causing inflammation because of iron in asbestos fibres a bit like your Guillain-Barré syndrome works but is confined to my lungs

    (1) asbestos and my bodies immune response trying to dissolve asbestos fibres as my pics illustrate thus disolving my lung tissue on never ending cyclical of gut acid inflammation

    (2) given process described in (1) that leads to infection given my bodies trying to get rid of asbestos and like Guillain-Barré syndrome my immune response is doing more damage than asbestos ... So I to have a immune disease caused by asbestos and inflammation that weakens my immune system and leads to nasty infection

    (3) just the other day my DOC started me on new antibiotics in there words to try and get on top of my inflammation process at work in my lungs STRANGE eh ..The long and short is my condition is advancing threw asbestos and infection thus I think I should be taking diplofenic and only now and again antibiotics as antibiotics are only any good with infection's not asbestos fibres

    (4) Then we get to Bronchiectasis or as in my case Chronic lung Sepsis which by all accounts is a acquired threw a septic event infection if you was never born with it .. That's why name was changed from chronic lung sepsis to Bronchiectasis as it's not as grim but with a septic event you always get narcosis .... narcosis is destruction of healthy tissue so questions is would that cause cavities ad say sure

    (5) Then we have in my case threw inflammation septic events asbestos narcosis that causes autoimmune problems hypersensitivity ...

    Quite a bucket list really BUT only thing I have found is vitamin C and B5 and B12 can help but need to only take in short burst on of and talk to your doctors

    If you look at my previous post hopefully you will see a theme I could go on for ever about my other conditions ... and that's why am here as when I was looking for answers I was sick of looking all over so am hoping my experiences pictures will help others looking for answers as to why they feel so ill

    my experience of my obstructive and restrictive lung disease is that it's a very underplayed condition and other agencies are to keen to take advance exploited what little we know about our conditions

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