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As some of you read I finally got to see a Lung Consultant last month, and he wanted tests. I wrote about there here;- healthunlocked.com/blf/post...

I received the results of my first test today, the echo-cardiogram. I can not believe that after months of my GP refusing to send me to see a lung consultant and telling me I was suffering from COPD,and that I was on all the treatment available and there was nothing more that could be done !! He finally agreed after letters from the nurses at my Lung Rehab' Course to send me to see a Consultant.

So the results explain my constant headaches, the shortage of breath, the low blood pressure, the low oxygen levels, the constant fatigue and low energy levels and I am still waiting for the lung function test.

I am not surprised at these results as I have been saying since my cancer treatment that something was wrong but nobody would believe me, they ALL just said COPD, nothing we can do !!

So now the test shows Severe left ventricular systolic impairment and right ventricular systolic impairment, I have Cardiac Failure !

Only taken since November to tell me this and believe it or not I am under the care of a Heart Specialist and have been since Easter 2013 when my cancer treatment started, no mention of Cardiac Failure from him, it took tests by a Lung Consultant to find this out ??????????????????????????????

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  • Can't wait to hear what your GP says by way of an apology. Very glad you now have your diagnosis and hope there is help in the way of medicines Peter.

    Best wishes to you, P

  • Hi peeg, unfortunately I have changed my GP so I will not be getting an apology or any explanation from him or her. I would love to know how and who I make a complaint to about these two GP's though, might save somebodies life if they get struck off ?

  • It's scandalous and they should be held accountable.

    GP practices usually have a website with the possibility of writing up a review.

    Can you complain through PALS? I'm not sure

  • Your local Independent Complaints and Advocacy Service (ICAS) should be the place to make a first stop. You could of course ring one of these Medical mistreatment lawyer firms if you feel that is appropriate. I personally rang I CAN rather than PALS as they seemed too hand in glove with the Doctors. Regards Rib

  • Hello Peter,it,s the practise manager complaints should be sent to and they should make sure you get a satisfactory reply,if not go to the Ombudsman.Good luck D.

  • Glad to hear that you are finally getting some answers and explanations! If you do wish to make a complaint then you need to go through your local Healthwatch - healthwatch.co.uk/

  • Thanks for the link Parvati, I have been in touch and I will get a call back later today. They listened and took it very seriously.

  • Glad to hear that Peter, and so sorry you've had such a bad a time.

  • So scary we put our faith in these people and they let us down!

  • Strange how we know our own bodies and so not surprised that you are not surprised by results. I am waiting for i

    heart investigations after insisting that half my breathlessness is heart related and other half is copd.

  • Unbelievable !!!!!!

  • Peter, I hope that after all this time you will get a good treatment. You are in our thoughts and prayer.

  • Hi to you all and thank you for the advice and kind thoughts, I am complaining through the Practice Manager and also through the link provided for Health Watch. I will also be looking to get financial compensation for this as I am sure my condition would have been less severe now if the correct treatment had been given when I first went to the GP. I have had a dig through some old letters from my cancer treatment and I have two that both ask my GP to monitor my heart and to provide the appropriate medication to stop things deteriorating while being treated for cancer and after the treatment ended. My GP never once checked my heart, never considered breathlessness could be linked to my heart deteriorating, it was ohh to easy to blame COPD and tell me there was nothing they could do.

    So after I get answers I will be I hope hurting them in their pockets and the fancy brand new shiny 4x4 Range Rover Sport might just have to go.

  • So sorry Peter,I am very tired after a day of apps yesterday.My mistake hun,I thought you was going for comp and hoping for a 4x4, which you deserve for negligance! Its shocking your g.p never checked your heart.All the best xx

  • I now have a meeting on Monday with the Practice Manager and the two GP's, ( it is so important to keep your own copies of any letters from the hospital to the Dr ). The practice manager while on the phone tried to deny that two consultant's letters existed but after I quoted dates and reference numbers she did admit that she found the letters on their computer system but that they had not been transferred to my medical file for the Dr's to see.

    I also had my second oxygen assessment on Wednesday gone and they are thinking it is going to need increasing, see them again in 2 weeks to decide/run more tests. On the bright side, they did a spirometry and it shows my lungs are working at 78%, not perfect but not to bad for a 57 year old ex 40 a day smoker, more proof that my poor heart is in a mess and still not getting any treatment from anybody.

  • You deserve your 4x4. xx

  • Hi porche296, the 4x4 is the GP's not mine, she swans around in her posh 4x4 paid for by the NHS but shouldn't even be a GP in my opinion.

  • I just hope that things improve for you now Peter and that your new GP is far more responsible and will actually listen to you. They all need to look at the bigger picture and not just the one thing they may specialise in. Take care and wishing you well. xxxxxxxx

  • many thanks sassy59

  • Good luck with your complaint PeterK1, and hopefully the future treatment will be better, it's awful how lax some areas of the health care can become. I've been through the process your currently facing so appreciate how you feel, however I accepted a compromise rather than compensation process as I felt you can't repair the emotional or physical damage when things have been overlooked for some time. But everyone feels different and it makes you loose confidence in the profession when these things happen. I even went as far as the ombudsman who was a woman by the way (smiles) and my experience is things still get overlooked that could result in tragic consequences, no one seems to learn by our cases. Will be thinking of you going through the process every best wish for a speedy and good outcome.

  • I have been the opposite it was my cardiologist that wanted my GP to look at my lungs in more detail because he had concerns of my stats. It took me over 2 years to get a spiro?

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