My monster. Xx

My monster. Xx

Here's my bull mastiff, he's none months old and I love him bits, we had a white Staffie for 14 yrs until he passed away in October 13, I sed I wouldn't have another dog but the house was to quiet without a dog as we've always had one since we've had the kids, so had Bruno when he was 12 weeks old, wouldn't be without him now. Here's my pic of my baby. X Sonia x

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  • Fab picture he looks adorable x

  • Hi Tracey thank u, I'm biased I think he's fab too. Defo a good tonic when I'm feeling down , my hubby and kids are great but he just has them eyes, so soothing and loving. x Sonia x

  • What a handsome dog! I wish I had the know how to supply a picture of Malcolm, the monstrous moggie. Such a character is Malcolm. He is seeing us through hard times. Always on the want for grub. xx

  • What a fab pic,does he always sit like that,or is he guarding his biccies love xxxx

  • Hi malie, he always sits like that especially when I'm in the kitchen he's never far away, never noticed till u sed but that is the cupboard with all the pet food in so he probably was guarding it from the cats making sure they don't get summet and he don't lol. Hope ur well. X Sonia x

  • Hi pergola , he's lovely couldn't ask for a better dog , when I take him for a walk he seems to know I can't walk fast or far and he just plods along with me, brill companion , when I'm in bed in the afternoon he's always with me I have four cats aswel that keep him busy, he's always chasing them about god help me when he's fully grown. Lol, would love to see a pic of monsterous Malcolm, it took me a while to work out how to do it but got there in the end. X Sonia x

  • What a great pic,what a character,love how he's sitting lol! xxx

  • Hi wendells he'd be great in oz, his back legs look like a kangaroo lol. Hope ur well. X Sonia x

  • Love the way he sits on his backside and not on his back legs,I have a JR that sits that way,

    Bruno has a beautiful head.

  • Thank u, his mom was huge, god help me, love jack Russell's so they so full of character. Hope ur well and take care x Sonia x

  • best antidote to all lifes ills!!! long may he reign

  • Thank u, well he's defo the king over the cats lol. Enjoy ur day hope ur well x Sonia x

  • He's gorgeous! Love the pose!


  • Hi malinka, thank u , he's a proper poser loves his photo took, make me smile everytime I look at him defo my tonic on a crappy day. Hope ur ok and take care x Sonia x

  • he has a very stubborn look - love him :)

  • Hi eyes , he tries to be stubborn but he such a softy it don't last, he's ace, how's u today hope ur well. X Sonia x

  • Forgot to ask how's u both doing , still smoke free. X Sonia x

  • hiya Sonia and yes we are both smoke free - hope you and yours are all well and happy :)

  • Bruno looks a real character - love the way he sits! x

  • Hi wendywoo, he is a character, so loyal and loving, and intelligent he know like most dogs when I down or in pain and he never leaves my side love him to bits, he's pulled a ligament in his leg at the mo so he can't walk properly either we look a right pair together he limps and I huff and puff, least his will get better lol, hope ur well and take care, x Sonia x

  • Sonia he's awesome! very handsome fine looking monster lol! love him to bits! huff xxx

  • Morning huff, my monster ur beast they could rule the beach together lol, x Sonia x

  • Aww…what a great looking pup. Love the way he sits:)

  • Thank U mike and Lisa, x sonia

  • He is gorgeous and a good mate, I lost my bull mastiff last year she was beautiful and she just was so gentle and loving xo

  • Hi gelana sorry for your loss, I must admit if I had a bigger house I would have more they are fantastic loyal and loving dogs. X Sonia x

  • Thanks for the reply Sonia1972, yes very loyal, sharn was my baby the mastiff, we still have a staffy and two farm type dogs one like a labby and one like a farm dog(cant remember the breed off hand)hehe. Sharn was with me through thick and thin, they are excellent with kids. I remember when a group of young ones were down at the stream and Sharn could hear them squealing she was all alert and I could tell she wanted to go down there to see if they were ok. Another time Len had gone for a walk and she hadn't come through one of the fences (because she was so big she liked the fence held up for her lol) my husband decided she could just make her way home through the paddocks. Of course as soon as I realise she is out there somewhere off I go I walked right around to the other side of the swollen winter stream where I thought she still would be and called her, lo and behold she had almost made it back to the house so when I called her she came running back and swam across the stream much to my worry !! but she made it, so much for me trying to help her, but she was so loyal and loving. I miss her, it is nice to see your beautiful boy it makes me happy when I see good owners and their pets, they so deserve to be loved : )

  • Actually I said that she was all alert when hearing the kids squeal but it was more a look of concern on her face lol, you can tell what they are feeling and they talk to you with their eyes and expressions.

  • oh what beauty .

  • Thank u, I think so too lol. X Sonia x

  • What a fantastic looking dog the picture of health, I lost my black lab Easter this year to cancer he was 11 I sill have our yellow lab she also misses him so much, enjoy him

  • Hi onamission, sorry to hear that , it's so upsetting when u lose a part of the family we were in bits when I lost our Staffie I would have loved to have had them together, but yes we love him to bits , got pics of bully all over the house so he's still with us in spirit and our hearts. Hope ur well take care x Sonia x

  • What a beauty and so endearing the way he sits. I can inserstand why you love him. I have three cats and they are my absolute joys.

  • Hi argana, other than my hubby and kids he's my buddy, I have cats but they are my kids pets although I do love them aswel. Hope ur well x Sonia x

  • I quite agree a home is not a home unless you have pets. I also have had animals through out my life. its great when you come home and they run to greet you with love and licks. I love mine to death.

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