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Liquid Mucodyne ( carbocisteine )

Has anyone tried Liquid Mucodyne it has carbocisteine in it I was on Carbocisteine 375mg Capsules and they made me so ill they badly upset my stomach I heard about the Liquid form on here cant take for a week until my stomach settles down the Doctor thinks the Liquid form will be the same as the capsules so if anyone is on the Liquid form and having a upset stomach or they are fine on the Liquid form could you please let me know please dont want to go though that again I have a salt pipe that is good even the Doctor said they were good I would sooner keep using my pipe

thanks alot Fredperrin

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I wrote about this the outher day I have used it for years and I have never had any trouble with it I can not use tablet form it drys me up too quick I would ask for try so you will be able to tell


thanks for that lilly 26 , i am going to try it .


Hi, i changed from the Mucodyne tablets to the liquid because i didnt feel the tablets were doing any good.

The liquid version is very sickly sweet to the taste but i find it works better.

Give it a try it doesnt upset my stomach so it might be better for you just 3 swigs a day.


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